Hope, … defined.

It is Truth, Beauty and Goodness that are the basic elements of our Kosmos, our sentient world and Universe, AND you and me!   We know these three through ALL THE MAPS OF HOW WE OPERATE AS HUMANS through our different stages of history, culture and levels of development, the skills and kinds of intelligence that we possess and the types of character that make us the human kaleidoscope that we are, as individuals and collectively.commonly.  Hope is the ubiquitous energy akin to gravity and dark matter itself that pulls or tugs at me, I think at us all.  It is part of prana, the life force within us we all may access via meditation and mindfulness.  It may feel vague or amorphous, without shape or form, much of the time.  In fact its force is in me and available to me in my choices that have to do with purpose, agenda, goals and meaning, productivity, creation and destiny.  Without hope all of these may dissolve or melt down.   We access hope’s power via reflection, and maybe coaching, “professionally managed’ reflection.  Hah.

Since we perceive and experience all our reality in dualisms, the ones that create tensions within us, hope needs awareness by us.  It is the antidote, the contrast and difference to our shadows.  I long ago pictured my shadow concentration as ‘Tarbaby.’   Like in Uncle Remus’ stories it sits at the side of my path.  It stares at me with black obelisk eyes. It draws me by insurmountable curiosity to draw close, reach out and touch it with the questions, ‘what are you doing here?,’ ‘what are you?,’ ‘what do you want from me?,’ or ‘how is it I may help you?’  In my psyche already I touch it as I recognise it.  That is another story.

Hope, on the other hand, it that force of my psyche and Kosmos that draws me forward.  Ineluctably. they say.  That is like an irresistible attraction to bring me into my future, my positive choices, my informed mindfulness.  My future I make with every decision, every choice of my day.

Tarbaby shadow or Ineluctable Hope?  We ‘house’ them both within us.  Our development by steps each day feeds one, as a wolf or one as a dog.  One feeds on any refuse or portion of another’s meal and disappears without gratitude.  The other shows up in kindness, sniffing for acknowledgment and its place to be helpful merely by its presence.  The first holds certain fears in its rough coat while the other likes to be petted in its capacity to soothe me.  That is it job, and ‘it’ knows it.  Elimination of one is healthy; embracing the other is healthier still.

By my choice I pet the one and dismiss the other.  First however awareness must turn the key of acknowledgement.   I see the divide.  I avoid the one and open to the other.  Hope comes in; shadow is sent away.  One lives in depression, the other in purpose, my purpose, your purpose to create, to better, by the three dimensions of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

The positve psychology of my coaching operates from this basis.  Step into hope, one step at a time.  Change a habit or transform your purpose, relations, job or career.  All are fueled with the innate Hope in you, me, and Kosmos. It is there to draw upon!  Hope is always in action, never in inertia.  Good coaches operate on the principle of hope, as action.


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