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Today, 21t century morality has it that one may choose to be all heterosexual or all gay, or Bisexual, and a variety of expressions between the two defining polarities  in the black-and-white stereotypes of the two genders.  It is accepted now that gender alone, Nature, does not define you or me; nor does our Nurture alone.   Other ‘energies’ in us point out that the desire to connect in love and sex ,called ‘Eros’,  and it is vastly complicated by our very own predilection to Choose over our Nature/Nurture stuff.  Choice can toss them out the window to great gladness or sorrow and every consequence in between.   Our awareness of our ability to Choose tells us how this N/N energy holds the moral spectrum of consciousness within us.

The acceptance of LGBT lifestyles is one huge example of a new worldview perspective.   Choice in the N/N/C equation lies beneath the trend globally to affirm same-sex marriages.    The development or evolution of human spiritual consciousness toward the positive value of what is called “universal pluralism” is what this trend is called.  Abortion rights and the legalization of the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana hold similar general or universal morality for everyone in social, measurable and scientific terms.  NOT everyone accepts this new morality by any means. But the underlying affirmation of N/N/C dynamics in human development [see my post, “Your Questions..”] is here to stay and say, “Non-judgmental diversity and pluralism is a good thing!”  Good coaching agrees on the same basis.

Beneath that value of acceptance and approbation is the view that ‘Being’ gay is not merely a matter of gender distortion of some N/N kind, but rather an affirmation that sexuality by Choice is on a spectrum in each of us.  Like 7 spectrum colors are in ‘white’ light, broken down to see using a prism,  the N/N/C complex creates new and profound but simple standards that apply to many people in particular situations and to the moral conscience and laws for all in states that have legalized same-sex marriage.
N/N does and can lead people to Choose to follow their Masculine or Feminine energy into the lifestyle that rewards or fulfills them. [see my post, “On My Feminism.”] This critical Choice gives them that peace and self-acceptance that is crucial to receive love from another.  It is very hard to be loved if one does not love oneself first.  So condemning or battling gay-ness does no one a service.  In fact it may be a denial, out of fear, of what is in all of us, N/N/, M/F, and make it harder for us all to selflove/find love.  And after all, Spirit/God is Love.  The saying, “God makes no mistakes” is more deeply appreciated in this way –> seeing N/N/Choice as the most deeply compassionate way of loving ourselves and others.  You and I are examples; not easy but just as deserving of love, peace, etc., etc.
The bible’s prohibition against homosexuality is rooted in that worldview at the time that saw the Jewish {anthropomorphic patriarchal  Father} God’s “law,” and strict obedience to it, as the way our human consciousness may access the Transcendent, or “know,” have faith in,” this Father god, to have ‘his’ favor or blessing, or his Presence.  That’s why this relationship is called a covenant, a contract between parties.   Speaking to the sexuality of two genders male and female, the black and white of it, therefore was without nuance.  The law is put forth to boost “God’s” glory and authority as the one and only Creator god, the Semitic tribal Choosing god, the almighty One god who made this exclusive deal with this mid-eastern migratory tribe.   Morality then was at entirely different stage of civilized development, suitable to then, not all time, not forever, but extremely relevant to this tribe’s worldview.  Who found who, or which found which, first is a question that cannot be answered rationally because it is a matter of mysticism finally.
One may believe in Inspiration or Revelation or not, then vs now, mythology vs critical rationality.  Consciousness in its spectrum then and now has its stages and states of development that may produce all sorts of cultural Nurture expectations or laws that are unaware of or deny the force of Nature being more complex both scientifically and spiritually than ‘laws,’ legislative or religious, can address.
Even if one stays entirely heterosexual in a lifetime human Masc and Femin energy seeks expression constantly.  If one is in a heterosexual relationship one can find enjoyment and peace in living out this M/F energy.  What is required in each case is a more loving, more understanding, more balanced man or woman and more communication about what each of them likes or desires or wants according to their N/N basis.
There is in the LGBT community a delightful mix of the M/F in different times and expressions that does acknowledge, affirm, applaud and accept the M/F continuum.  It is each person that can find that peace and warmth we all seek.  It is we who have the greater insight and desire b/c! we have this N/N energy more dynamically in mind when they Choose what to do with it in partnership in parenting, in social justice issues like equal pay, or maternity leave LGBT festivals of different sorts.  This dynamic for sure is more complex but I think more rewarding and indeed where Evolution/God is leading us, with all sorts of social and other implications.   Yes, the old Victorian or biblical models are simpler but they are outdated. They have led to patriarchal and matriarchal stereotypes that I think perpetuate more problems in the modern world than offer solutions to the myriad of endemic problems mired in a patriarchal mentality, and way too often the old-fashioned values of almost all world religions.
In terms of progressive social evolution no longer does the biology of gender [‘Nature’] or the influence of our conditioning [Nurture] necessarily define our Masculinity or our Femininity, our covenants of marriage or our sexual partnering behavior.  Choice does, define our ‘personhood’  in interplay with gender and circumstance, for the benefit of the individual and for the collective society.  GOOD COACHING IS DEFINED SIMILARLY.  Your choices, your goals, empower you!
That’s my spirituality, my worldview, any way.  It is the space from which I would coach you.

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