How It Works

What actually happens in a session?

The Session: My coaching sessions are 50 minutes long but this is a flexible limit.  We meet in the spirit of moving forward, making active goals and turning them into action plans for immediate practice.  Most important is that we end each session in a positive manner.   In order to make this experience as valuable as possible, I encourage you to make this a commitment to yourself.  Sessions are typically done by phone becasue its a great focusing medium.  The benefits of coaching will build over time.

Our Discussions: You lead in seeting the agenda topic each session. You will usually do most of the talking.  I will support you with active listening – ask you questions that will prompt you to come up with your own ideas, solutions, actions.  I have a broad scope of tools with which to coach you.

Your Communication: We will use email to stay in touch during the time between our sessions.  Here you can write about your experiences and thoughts about your progress toward your goals.  I read these to prepare for the next session or give feedback.  At the beginning of our session together we may decide to work on one or more of your questions.  Part of my job is to keep these questions consistent with your goal.

Awareness: I would like to emphasize that coaching focuses on the present and the future, it is forward moving and action-oriented. “This is where I am now, this is where I want to be, these are the actions I commit to take.” It is solutions focused. It does not dwell on the past, although beliefs from the past can be replaced to move you forward .  Coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. If mental or emotional needs come up during a coaching session that are not within the scope of my practice I will recommend counseling or psychotherapy as an adjunct or a replacement to coaching.

Assignments: During our sessions I will help you develop a course of actions for the upcoming week to move you forward towards your goal. You are welcome to negotiate, decline or alter these assignments or practice.

Confidential: It is important for the integrity and value of our coaching relationship that we are open and honest with each other.   What we discuss remains completely confidential during coaching and always.

Conclusion: I will usually close the session by offering you the opportunity to say what you take away from the session.

Referrals: My practice fills by referrals. If the benefit you are receiving really pleases you, please share your experience with others and refer me as a transformational Purpose Coach to anyone you know who might be interested in what coaching has to offer.

You may download my Coaching Discovery questionnaire to see if coaching is right for you now. Or just call me for a complimentary initial session, at 919 321 1169 between 9am and 5pm. Cheers!