As a certified professional coach (CPC), I am a supportive helper whose purpose is to see you achieve your desires, purpose, and goals in a new empowering way.

Together we:

  • Articulate and prioritize your goals inside a strategic and practical Plan.*
  • Identify and work in areas where a deeper self-understanding will be helpful.
  • Replace negative or outmoded beliefs with empowering ones of your choosing.
  • Consciously carry out your plan a step at a time to create momentum.
  • Create checkpoints for reassessing priorities as circumstances and situations change.
  • Build on your  strengths and achievements as we overcome any of your obstacles.

A coach listens to you like you’ve never been listened to before.   I bring what I call “power listening” to help you focus on your  concerns of today.  You’ll learn develop new skills and begin practicing new behaviors to achieve your goals.  Usually done in once-a-week session we work in a fun and challenging way on a schedule that works for you.

Partnering with your coach will empower your:

  • New mindful awareness at work, home or play
  • Greater social ease and confidence with friends or intimates
  • More communicative, supportive, focused relationships

Coaching is about the present aimed at the future. It’s not therapy, recalling and analyzing the past.  It’s building from where you are today to the future that you want most, starting tomorrow.

I use my training and specialized  skills to enable you to act out your brillance in marvelous new ways that we create together.  Real change is never easy.  That’s why a Professional CPC Coach makes sense!  You are much stronger than you think.   You can do what you think is impossible.  My job is to see you prove it to yourself!

Your calling is calling



[ *also see my blogpost of 9/13/11, “Coaching’s Spiritual Elements.” ]

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