Getting Started

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[tab: Meditation Training] The expanded awareness attained through higher states of mind are essential to conscious human growth and development.  The brain states of meditative practices are scientifically proven to correlate to relaxed and focused mental activity.  In this practiced mind/body awareness one can focus with motivation to set new intentions, make new plans and change old habits.  I invite beginners, or those needing refresher training, to learn a simple and powerful way into this practice.  I’ll train you in a simple practical way I’ve used for 50+ years.

· Learn a science-based method of meditation that is simple and practical.

· Practice mindful living at work or home. Develop a deep trust in your own intelligence and Inner Voice.

· Identify with your transcendent Trusted Source, Oneness, Divinity, the Universe’s way of  speaking to you.

· Try yoga as a way of preventative health, as a mind-body exercise, and a way to add to your longevity

. Take a guided tour into your “Belief Closet.” There you can eliminate and replace your negative or outlived beliefs.

· Take the next step and Contact me now.

The following steps are recommended in 5 Sessions of 45 minutes over 5 weeks.  Steps 2-5 may be taken in any order you choose.


a. Breathing, Counting, Colors.
b. Setting and building your “Inner Room.”


a.  Intentions for home or office.
b.  Practice in any activity you choose.

Belief Change  

a. A guided visualization.
b. Negative beliefs replaced.


a. Accessing the greater consciousness of ‘Mind.’ 
b. Peace through the ‘God’ you believe in.


a. The Mind-Body connection
b. Preventative Health plus Longevity

[tab:Life Purpose] Nothing brings your life into sharp focus like finding out what your true purpose is, or your new purpose.

  • Identity formation to act on who you really are.
  • Break down your past successes to know exactly what you do best.
  • Let go of  distractions that keep you from productivity.
  • Identify beliefs* that don’t work for you any more, then replace them with new, powerful ones that you create.
  • Take the momentum you’ve created by reading this and Contact me now to begin living your life on purpose

[tab: Spirituality] Whatever spirituality is to you, it includes a connection with something greater than yourself.

  • Practice a deep trust in your own intuition and Inner Voice.
  • For Relationships: discover an enhancing 4-stage model for you to practice together.
  • Learn how to meditate in a way that makes a real difference.
  • Identify your Trusted Source and its path of mastery and guidance for you.
  • Take the next step and Contact me now. We’ll find your answers together.
  • I am a trained “Belief Closet” practitioner. This is a powerful tool for replacing negative or  beliefs  you have outlived
You are Unique in all Life’s Waters

Use my free Coaching Discovery Questionaire (Download as a .doc file or .pdf) to think more about if coaching is right for you. Coaching is super convenient.  It commonly is done by phone, or Skype if you choose.  It can be done from anywhere in the world.  All you need is privacy and a commitment to real change in yourself.   We can meet in person if you’re local and prefer meeting face-to-face. The goal of  coaching  is always sustainable, practical, effective, new behavior that moves you forward toward your goals!  Coaching makes all the difference!