How It Works

How it works (internally)

Life is Evolving in you and me!   Life invites us to our vision, our purpose, our happiness. But how do we manage that!? By Putting Our Hard-Wired Wisdom to work! Life coaching works with these three traits that are innate in we human beings:

The Desire To Be Self-Directed The Urge To Get Better at Stuff Something Transcendent
i.e. Get Totally Engaged i.e. Own Your Talent & Its Rewards i.e. Make a Difference by Being You

How It Works (externally)

  1. My coaching is offered by appointment in 50-minute sessions in 4 week/1 month units, from 1 to 6 months typically.  Coaching is delivered by phone, by Skype if recommended, or in person if local.  A package of 10-12 weeks/10-12 sessions is most common. Packages of another number of sessions and terms may be negotiated. I coach Monday-Friday in the hours of 9AM to 9PM EST or weekends by special arrangement. Privacy and a phone is all that is required.
  2. Supplemental coaching sessions may be requested or recommended if the client has not attained the goals they have set for themselves to their complete satisfaction. Additional coaching sessions may then be arranged, usually 4 minimum.
  3. Post-package “Laser” or “Quick” coaching sessions are offered to all clients. They consist of one-half the 50-minute standard session, or 25 minutes each, at 50% cost of whatever coaching fee is currently in effect. “Laser” sessions commonly address ad hoc situations that bring opportunity to further cement coached benefits and behaviors. Quick sessions are provided on an “as-available” basis, or within 24 hours of a client notifying us by phone or email.
  4. *Job Search Campaign or Career Transition coaching/consultation is an initial 10-week package followed by Laser sessions at agreed intervals.  Contact us to inquire about our proprietary process.
  5. **Pre-marital counsel/coaching is available to one or both partners. Weddings may be conducted by Mr. Benz by special arrangement.

Find and Download here: our Coaching Agreement Letter .

*Note: Life coaching ‘Step’ assignments by the client and emails to the coach are optional parts of the coaching process.  They enhance client progress toward their goals. Rates may vary based on the number of weekly Emails and Step assignments we agree to.