Your coaching experience will be built custom-tailored to your specific needs. The following weekly fees and package rates commonly apply but are negotiable.  Please inquire about these in your initial consult.

Type Weekly Fee Package Rate
CPC Coaching* Payment in full @ $50.00/session x  the common 10-12 weeks = $500 – $600. 12- 20 weeks: $540 to $900
“Laser” sessions: Quick 25-minute coaching @1/2 Weekly Fee = $25.00 one-time
Meditation Training Only $15 to $20 per session @ $75.00 to $100.00 for (5) 40-minute sessions, usually one per week.  Price varies by location. 10 sessions $9.00/session ($90). Other Packages by Agreement
Career Coaching/Job Search Consultation*Other** @ Minimum$150.00 per session Minimum 15 sessions/$2,250 Package

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