Spirituality as Consciousness

Welcome to “Spiritual Not Religious” coaching and therapy.  The focus here is finally on what makes you smile, what makes you genuinely authentically happy.  My calling is to support the objectives in your life as you pursue these universal goals that we all have in common in our diverse ways.  “Easier said than done however,” as the saying… Continue reading Spirituality as Consciousness

A Word about Integral Theory

{Integral’s insights begin with  noting its essential elements as a “map” of all the evolved  parts of human consciousness, our very Being, from the cosmological Big Bang origin to today’s world of increasing complexity. The Five chief elements of the “Map” are perspective windows, levels, lines, states, types and shadows.  You and I are the “Territory” the map describes. … Continue reading A Word about Integral Theory

A Bunch Of Titles for Me

My 10-year-old coaching practice has evolved. “Mindfulness” in that time became a buzzword common to millions of Americans. Already that name has changed in to “Awake,” or just “Woke” in the common parlance. Long before that “self-realization” was the name given to the self care that professional coaching provides. These late changes give me reason… Continue reading A Bunch Of Titles for Me

My Niche Evolves

It came to me clearly recently that my coach niche is about “Spirituality as Consciousness.”  That is a very big bubble that includes personal development, social abilities, career, relationships, as well as beliefs and view of transcendence.  I work with couples with marital issues too. I’m a mix of East and West for sure, and… Continue reading My Niche Evolves

This Work Ain’t Easy.

I use the colloquial “ain’t” for “is not”  here as a way of saying that personal or professional growth work is not easy because it is intimate.   And it is intimate because it involves an intimacy with yourself that you may not have experienced before.  It is a process of inner work that requires reflection with… Continue reading This Work Ain’t Easy.

What Are the “Occupiers” Saying? “Occupy Yourself?”

Begun with its aim at Wall Street’s financial institutions the “Occupiers” movement has proliferated.  It now has adherents in over 90 cities, according to last night’s NBC news.  Former president Bill Clinton observed on Letterman’s show Wednesday night the constant comment of our media, “They need to have a focus, an objective, an agenda.” But whose agenda is that?  More… Continue reading What Are the “Occupiers” Saying? “Occupy Yourself?”