A Worldview Coaching Perspective

AN IMPORTANT EXAMPLE OF EVOLUTIONARY PROGRESS  Blog Posts in a series. Today, 21t century morality has it that one may choose to be all heterosexual or all gay, or Bisexual, and a variety of expressions between the two defining polarities  in the black-and-white stereotypes of the two genders.  It is accepted now that gender alone, Nature, does not define you or me; nor does our Nurture alone.   Other 'energies' in us point out that the Read more [...]

men and women

As I see it, Feminism is the attempt to redress the inadequacies or outmoded ways of men and women seeing each other and acting their 'stereo'-roles with or 'at' each other.  All this is changing, and continues to shift, in in our lifetimes. No wonder the genders are confused in their roles and understanding of each other, not least in the bedroom.  In contrast Patriarchy is Masculine energy  inflated, exaggerated, gross and resistant to change. Read more [...]

Your Questions? Befriend Them!

I coach based on these bases of human psychological dynamics that are called Nature/Nurture/Choice, "N/N/C" for short. "N is for "Nurture."​  It is the personal soul and social family system conditioning of your brain/body software consciousness by your primary care-givers to about age ten.  Nurture creates embedded self-image, beliefs, language of origin, values, pathologies, and stereotypes. "N" is also for "Nature."  It is the as-yet-not-completely Read more [...]

On Feminism

Someone asked me recently how, as a man, I saw myself as a Feminist. In partial answer to this Big Question of our generation, I wrote to them, saying....   "Hey.   I am committed to Feminism, deeply.   I am thankful to meet someone who can ask how I feel and think about my Feminist outlook.  Thank you!  My professional background and personal predilections can be of help if they add whatever wisdom I have to others in my path.  You Read more [...]

VA Vets and Meditation

I'm wondering seriously what meditation could do for ailing vets in the VA system who are suffering from PTSD, prolonged anxiety or pain due to war-related incidences of violence.  I'd like to teach this practice to groups of such hard hit good people. It is I believe a great way to enable people who have lost so much physical and mental ability becaseu they were the unlucky ones to be caught in harm's way. It's all about control - from the inside Read more [...]

Practicing Meditation

Bring focus and calm into your life by practicing meditation.  It is called a “practice” because it is a skill that gets easier the more you do it.  Enhance your health and spirituality at the same time.

{Im}Patience and What Belief Fuels It.

In my free time today I mused about a new friend I've made who I find thoughtful, intriguing, and liking communication.  I do muse occasionally in writing.  She mentioned the need to find more patience to move to a conclusion a project that has her full attention lately.   Patience is something we often want more of.  But the source, the belief beneath that patience, or the IMpatience, is worth a look.   Patience may be the classic example Read more [...]

This is about our health!?

I watch TV.   Here is a list of 21 benignly-named weird chemical compositions I do not want to be exposed to. It took me only a very few days to collect them via my viewing the Tube.  Each is a prime time advertised drug, many with warnings of side effects far more frightening than the ailment they address, including death. Humera  Nexium  Biotene  Breo   Abilify   Januvia   Botox   Citracal   Restasis   Beeno   Salonpas Xarelto Read more [...]

What’s wrong with Religion anymore?

I heard it said lately that formal religion in this country (churches, synagogues, even mosques) are losing members in significant numbers and consistently.  Why?  What gives? People go to church looking for answers.  Finding them is another matter. I think I know why.  I'm a trained ordained Episcopal priest of 35+ years  I could go into quite a lengthy discourse on the historical and philosophical background.  I might rant about a denomination Read more [...]

Sugar or the Divine?

My blog title is a bit facetious.  I intend it to be ironic.  That is, I point to a paradox, two opposites truths next to each other at the same time.  By "Sugar" I mean first the literal white sweet stuff made from cane.  It is the substance our food culture relies on way to heavily, as in the average of lthree sodas a day we drink, or the processed foods that contribute to our overweight, overeating culture.  The food industry keeps pumping Read more [...]