It came to me clearly recently that my work niche is narrowing within its theme of healing and human growth.  My work evolves over time because I evolve.  I have so it does .. Hah!   I’m grateful for this change!   My work “niche” applications in life coaching are diverse because of my diverse background and training. My gift more and more is working with the clear awareness of our human higher states of consciousness, including our meditation mind.

While I can work with almost any issue and any kind of client, I have grown to realize my work works best for my client’s benefit FROM THE INSIDE OUT or “Top Down.”  By that I refer to working with higher levels or Stages in the very structure of human consciousness. This important 20th century insight is the contribution of Developmental Psychology and “Positive Psychology” Life Coaching is offered to all forms of therapy, for those therapists who choose to include it. I certainly do! With clarity about what that looks like, how it works ,and what do do with it is the core of my own Integral spiritual life and professional client practice.

That is, all my work and training, education and experience draw down on a person’s beliefs, ultimate values, his or her motivated skill set, and their religious or spiritual background and current world view according to these stages that are in him or her, as they are in myself.  Ultimately it is each person’s belief system and worldview that create their patterns of thinking, behavior and feelings, their beliefs negative and positive .. their happiness and success, or lack thereof…  As one client put it recently, “the transcendent makes you a better person while it motivates you to want to be a better person.” Even news commentator are lately beginning to use this language about people,.. being “WOKE,” or not.  Today’s entire Mindfulness movement encourages and enables this new self-awareness in our Western culture.  I prefer to call it the Self, with a capital ‘S’ as I work with you.  It is the mystical mind of humans from our beginnings, please note.  In is a massive shift in human awareness in the last 50 years!  Complexity upon complexity, for our benefit or to our detriment, individually and collectively, in our interiors and our exteriors.

{Integral’s insights only begin with these evolutionary or developmental ‘Stages,” aka the spectrum of consciousness.  Then see States, Lines, Types and Shadows, body dimensions, post-metaphysics, allergies and addictions, Vantage and Viewpoints, et. al.  But never confuse the Map for the Territory, you and me, our Being, which is only discovered in Awake experience, never mere thinking alone}

By my Integral worldview, practice and study since 2009-10, I have a structure of understanding all human perspectives, be they psychological, spiritual/religious, philosophical, historical, cultural, ethnic, .. even political.  That is the supreme value and function of the Integral Map of Consciousness.

Also personally, incorporating my 50+-year-old meditation practice and my Hatha Ashtanga Yoga 16-year practice has further enlightened me as to HOW the Integral Theory works to inform me and my work with my clients.  It helps me hear and listen to them, to comprehend and motivate them, to lead or coach out of them THEIR ANSWERS FOR THEIR LIVES … never mine.  To accomplish that I help walk each client’s personal map of consciousness and history, their twists and turns of life, their meaning, values, questions and answers – never mine.  That defines the integrity of my service.  the goal is transformation, either small or large scale change in that person’s life.  Whether it is healing old wounds, jettisoning outdated or negative beliefs, defeating or enlarging the ego (hah – paradox there), or expanding any religious or spiritual traditions’ wisdom and utility and value — we do it including it (your “stuff”) in the biggest possible worldview or spirituality possible.  If you do not believe me , come see.

Believe it or not, that is what Integral Theory offers and accomplishes for those who study and imbue themselves with its knowledge and lifestyle practices.  Or work with a a Integral coach/counselor therapist, one who has themselves integrated their own deep “stuff,” their career, work, purpose, spirituality, philosophy, etc holistically!  And more.

Integral Theory is not merely a intellectual set of exercises, while it’s language and learning curve, the scale of its knowledge, while fairly simple, is rather prodigious..  It is a transformation map one uses to traverse, change and grow from within one’s spirituality or worldview to date.  The best I can describe it, it integrates all traditions of philosophy, psychology and spirituality, and the Truth in each of them, into one unified or cohesive integrating structure that operates on the postmodern idea, “as you think, so you Become.” (In actuality its a bit more complex than that because we humans are rather complex creatures in an always-evolving complex world.  We are Eco-Beings)  So changing one’s thinking truly is never quick and easy.  It always involves Context, yours or mine, every nuanced relevance and implication of your life.  Time, real effort or commitment,  focus, consistency or working with a ‘professional’ guide can make all the difference in expediting the matter of mindful change and making sure the life changes desired are made in self-awareness and with clarity of purpose.

That’s what I do; that’s my work goal, to ensure my clients that outcome.

Thus this “vocational” shift has come upon me.  The idea presents itself that a further focus to my work “niche” is now incumbent upon me to see, recognize and implement.  I work with only a handful of clients at a time at what I think are very reasonable fees or rates, beginning at $75.00 per hour.

Call it what you will, .. “new beginning,” “reinventing oneself,” “personal empowerment,” “overcoming adversity,” “transformation,” or “meditation for growth,” .. that is what my counsel, coaching and consultation niche is about, now newly focused.  While it induces or creates space, time and motivation for all those things, it amounts to advanced spiritual work.  It is”the “gift that keeps on giving,” .. the best ROI ever, because it is your payoff, your reward for first assessing and then changing or advancing your unique ‘spirituality,’ your System and Source of life meaning, change,and purpose from whatever tradition or worldview, cult or business background, education or training, culture or upbringing,you ever had.

We include all of that, … and then we transcend it… consciously and purposefully, according to what means he most to you as an evolving human being. Viola’!