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My Niche Evolves

It came to me clearly very recently that my work niche is narrowing.  My work evolves because I evolve.  It has, so I do.. Hah!   I'm grateful because I have struggled with this issue in the past, my work "niche." My gift more and more is working with our human higher states of consciousness, our meditation mind. While I can work with almost any issue and any kind of client, I have grown to realize my work works best for my client's benefit Read more [...]

The More I Practice….

... the more I learn from my clients, and hence help my clients to creatively grow, each in their unique style and way. Some clients are more entrenched than others in the Beliefs through which they see and interpret the world daily.  These "worldviews" almost invariably come from childhood, sometimes from the very earliest stages of growth.  Memories of happiness and joy can be discovered along side those of regret, anger, fear and sadness.  Read more [...]

This Work Ain’t Easy.

I use the colloquial "ain't" for "is not"  here as a way of saying that personal or professional growth work is not easy because it is intimate.   And it is intimate because it involves an intimacy with yourself that you may not have experienced before.  It is a process of inner work that requires reflection with a purpose, a looking within yourself for the deeper questions that are now calling out for your deeper answers.  That can be very Read more [...]

Why It’s Called “Practice.’

In my work and in my personal life, more and more I see life itself as a 'Practice.' Just like the term is used by physicians, life in every day is a matter of choices based on what we know channeled in the decisions and choices we make each hour.  A teacher taught me recently too much of our past experience and its conditioning our brain causes hardwired patterns of feelings and thoughts.   So I  make my choices in a kind of automation more Read more [...]

Restating my Tao

"In merely the lifetime of the Baby Boomers an unparalleled era of global evolution has begun, an entire new epoch or stage of human development.  It is the dynamic evolutionary and historic process of stepping forward into humanity's next tier of growth into diversity, complexity, and pluralism. This species-wide integral stage defines the leading edge of human evolution even while 21st century techno-cyber reality swirls around the age-old existential Read more [...]

What do I share with Trump?

New book I just read, "Trump and a Post-Truth World," by Ken Wilber. Integral insight.   Wilber: it's in a developmental stage of "Boomeritis" that DJT expresses his generation, the 'Me Generation' narcissism merged with a virulent 'don't tell me what to do' insistence on autonomy. Mr. Drumpf IS the worst example and best symbol of Boomer all-demanding ego(ism) "infected" with an extremely childish selfishness. But we {all or most} still Read more [...]

Shooting? What shooting?

@ the occasion of the 11/6/2017 Texas church massacre....   Shooting? What shooting? My perspective on this is through the two main and conflicted views of this deadly event in our homeland in the era of UnTruth.  We are forced to look at the life of a lost soul, a man abandoned unto himself who acted out his desperation.  While we collectively are forced to ask, what's wrong with our society, our legislators, our country's soul? And Read more [...]

New “Religion”? A “How to….”

This is a FB message I posted to a Integral friend who wants to see his religion change in line with the maxims of Integral Theory by Ken Wilber.  Wilber's Jan 2017 book "The Religion of Tomorrow" holds the full explanation of what is religion's challenge to become 21st century, or "post-modern," in spiritual terms, FYI. "My theology to recommend is accessible only through a meditation practice faithfully engaged. Very loosely I'd Read more [...]

Healing: One Year Out

It is one year now since I was first suspected, then biopsied to prove I had HPV cancer.  My healing was accomplished with hospital science and medicine, coaching from a mature energy healer, an RN's advocacy, a bad weekend through the ER, telling all the Radiation and Oncology medical staff I  have "other resources," and meditation every step of the way, while receiving chemo (6x) and radiation (30x) over a six-week regimen. "I just kept walking," Read more [...]

“Religion Tomorrow” and You.

As a professional "mythologizer" and Integral shaman I affirm humans as creatures who tell and resonate deeply to stories.  They usually come written with deep poetic, metaphoric or allegoric meanings out of our heart/body/soul/minds.  Often these myth last for decades or even centuries in one culture or many. They are called "Archetypal" to say that in fact they originate in the Universe , the sentient Kosmos itself as we "know" and experience Read more [...]