The big “E” for “Empowerment”

Empowerment says,  SAY WHAT YOU WANT IN ORDER FOR IT TO COME TO YOU."  You'd be surprised how many people struggle with this.  The whole 'Assertiveness' movement' of the Seventies was based on helping people empower themselves by verbalizing their wants.  'Assertiveness' as a key word is passe now. "Empowerment" is a word that's become the contemporary jargon or key word over the last 5-10 years. "E", [empowerment, empowering] says, Ask Read more [...]

Religion Tomorrow

as a trained professional "mythologizer" I affirm humans as such creatures who tell and resonate deeply to stories written with deep poetic, metaphoric or allegoric meanings in mind.  Often they last for decades or even centuries in one culture or many.  They are our story and we connect with them because they carry pictures in our minds with which we can relate or are familiar, if only subconsciously or out of our dreams.  In a movie recently Read more [...]

Coaching an Uninvited Guest

Relating to the serious issue of cancer lately , on a thread I follow a FB friend asked the rhetorical question, "When is a tumor just a tumor?"  The answer, "When it is someone else's."   I recalled the coaching I received lately and the coaching I gave myself over the least 6-8 months as I went through my experience with cancer.  "Yes, news of a tumor is something you may treat casually. Until it's your tumor." I knew this was my answer Read more [...]

But What of the Cause?

I'd long contemplated this question abstractly, as it concerned others who entered the journey of "C."  Now it was real for me to contemplate.  Success in overcoming this adversity I sensed from the outset would require moreof the therapeutic work I'd engaed in for a long time.  The empathy I practice personally and professionally, as it were, was now to be given a major new twist of meaning and purpose.  Where had this HPV type of "C" come from?  Read more [...]

What’s Important. The “C” Word.

Re "C".   The "C" stands for cancer but I eschew it s=use. I wish not to empower its ability to frighten and disturb people, or myself. Of course it depends on the type of "C" contracted and the medical prognosis that goes with it, but today for most people it is a 'normal' or norm in our society to go to the medical team you want treating your "C."  As I said, I use "C" rather than the full word, not to empower it in my mind, or reinforce Read more [...]

Entrance Upon a Journey

Entrance was obtained through first ignoring a sore throat for several months.  Then when its persistence bothered me I went to an Urgent Care clinic. Strep infection was eliminated quickly.  I was referred to a private oncologist.   She did the biopsy that led her in my follow-up visit to gleefully burst into the patient exam room with her results.  I'd returned after a week's time, and she beamed" Yes; it's malignant," like she'd just discovered Read more [...]


It's been quite a while.  I'm back -- to write. To answer the question: how does one tell a story revisited, backwards.  I might have chronologed this passage through its course day by day or week by week, as many others have. I'm ten weeks out from the end of "C/R."  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy.   Cysplatin and 200 therms of x-ray heat  30 times at 7 minutes and 10 second per treatment.  Six weeks times five days a weeks equals thirty R Read more [...]

Say “Hi” to your Dragon?”

Walt Disney was a person in touch with his "Inner Child," that psychological concept made popular back in the 80's. Disney Corp to this day keeps churning out movies made of myth and magic that still draw millions of kids and families to the cinema. The hidden messages of most of these films turn on the part of our psyches that are strongly attuned to this level of our minds.  Little kids love stories of fantasy and magic in their story books.  Read more [...]


Mine is today.  The number doesn't matter. A friend reminded me yesterday I might treat my "arrival anniversary" as a New Years Day - a day to reflect and make plans, goals, resolutions for the year to come. So I resolve to nurture and love my Inner Child with greater care and understanding of His fears and pains out of which He too often projects frustration and anger to be heard over the raucousnes or slings and arrows that have befallen Him Read more [...]

“Blades of Glory” : a tale of transformation

"Blades of Glory" is a funny/gross Jungian cartoon in a disturbing but evocative movie.  It is upsetting and  revealing in a good way. A close frined recommneded this movie.  It is the weirdest combination of the ridiculous and the sublime you'll ever see, due mostly to Will Farrell's clown act versus the statements he makes in the flic.  Here's what I saw. Two alter male egos in 'mortal conflict' with each other reconcile by finding a common Read more [...]

Medical Marijuana Shift Means More…

Bottom line: a change in one's state of mind can leads to a new stage of personal growth.  This is what the shift to acceptance of alternative medicinal approaches in the USA means in the bigger picture.  Shifts like this ultimately are personal and usually come through support by others. The federal approval of the clinical medicinal use of cannabinoid is meaningful.  In this news is a deeper wider issue, beyond the huge revenues in this new Read more [...]