“My gifts and training support you to grow more consciously so you may live out your positive purpose to your deep satisfaction.”


“In my Baby Boomer lifetime a radical era of evolution has begun that calls for an entire new stage of human development.  It is the challenging dynamic of stepping forward consciously into a new tier of diverse, complex, inclusive, pluralist values that are leading human evolution.  21st century techno-cyber reality swirls around our age-old existential and evolutionary question, “Who do I choose to be?” Patterns of our behavior often become the call in us to shift, to update our operating systems – our values, preconceived notions, our merely inherited beliefs. We ignore such calls at our peril if we accept the challenge, not just to question who we have become, but what we are becoming. Out of my unique journey into my unique present these are the core levels at which I work.  I empower clients with my 4-fold skills of a sacred mediator, wisdom counselor, organizational consultant and positive psychology coach.  I help clients act on their dreams, get past their blocks, and create a new confidence and abilities in their own expectations of themselves. It works step by step to reach their goals and objectives.  The journey from ambiguity to clarity and relaxed focus, from trauma to trust, confusion to purpose, from concept to funding, is a journey with which I am very familiar.  It is a Way and a practice of transformation, building and enlightenment.”  CFB


“Chas” brings to his clients over 35 years of professional and personal “double-barreled” motivational experience. After four years of Masters divinity training in the UK and the USA, and his ordination in 1979, his career in personal and organizational development officially began. He served as clergy in both diocesan and local churches positions in four different states. He added to his pastoral teaching ministry the consulting acumen of  “Bernard Haldane & Associates,” the original, oldest and largest career consulting firm in the nation at the same time he served as a regional stewardship consultant in the Episcopal diocese of Seattle.    Whether preaching in a cathedral or in a rural African-American mission he spoke to the broiling modern questions of Faith. He invested his same skill set to became a CFRE fund-raiser who raised over $100 million as Vice President of Ketchum Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Vice President of development at Children’s Hospital Foundation, San Diego, California, and as an endowment builder at the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center in Durham, North Carolina, among many others.  Over his entire  career 20th century questions of biblical criticism and interpretation moved his Church toward its historic 2008 American schism.  In an extended self-gifted sabbatical then he chose to ‘face and embrace’ the challenge to include and transcend that divisive ‘choose sides’ experience in terms that were personal and professional, philosophic, spiritual and pragmatic. Once opposed to gay marriage he now performs gay weddings. He added his international life coaching certification to his professional acumen in 2009-10.  He serves others and practices the emerging lineage of human development and leadership of Integral Theory, the post-modern map of consciousness, as an advocate, apologist and counselor.

Focused on his client’s goals, life purpose and their personal  fulfillment, Mr. Benz’s  skills and experience synergize in his work for them as an internationally trained Certified Professional Coach.

Transformation is possible.  I’ve done it myself.   I worked hard to create a new commitment and purpose for myself.  I took the best of my past, transcended its limits in the present, and integrated it all into a new vision and plan for my future.  My clients can do the same thing for themselves on whatever scale when they plug a commitment to themselves into my professional support.  It makes all the difference.”

Vocalist Cassandra Wilson sings a tune, “If you think time will change your ways, don’t wait too long.”   

 Mr. Benz says it this way, “Change needs to be grasped or it will get away. You have to get a grip on it to ride it to your next horizon” 

“My clients commit to ask and answer deep, important questions of themselves.  They seek support for change with an open heart and mind.  That’s how they reinvent or transform themselves.  It is they who  ‘bless’ themselves, as well as having a trusted source share in their joy.”  CFB

We effect our own evolution by everything we do.” Barbara Max Hubbard   ****   “Do best what you enjoy most; enjoy most what you do best.”  Bernard Haldane.

****   ” I help you do what you think is impossible.” C.F.Benz

Charles’s other interests include mainstream jazz, Hatha yoga, motorcycling, cinema, Native American studies, Integral Theory, biography, camping and hiking.  He is divorced, the father of four wonderful children, and grandfather to three outstanding grandsons.

 “Remember always what we are doing here.  If it doesn’t change your life it’s not worth doing.  If you find this an oasis to come to for a beautiful hour or two, don’t take the trouble.  If it doesn’t gradually change your life if it doesn’t go deep enough.”  — Charlotte Selver (Author House 2004)

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