A Bunch Of Titles for Me

My 10-year-old coaching practice has evolved. “Mindfulness” in that time became a buzzword common to millions of Americans. Already that name has changed in to “Awake,” or just “Woke” in the common parlance. Long before that “self-realization” was the name given to the self care that professional coaching provides.

These late changes give me reason to reflect on my own changes. Evolution is everywehere and in everything, myself and my clients included. “That is what I do,” I tell myself and others who inquire of my work or my profession. One response is, “I help people make changes in their lives that they think are impossible.”

And in our society of upheaval, lightning fast technology change and dissension or confusion of all kinds all around us, my focus has changed to in how I view my own work.

“Counselor” or “therapist” are generic terms I use to describe myself or my work. And in the time of diversity and dizzying change I append different titles to myself. One is “Consciousness Counselor.” This handle is meant to replace “spirituality” with “consciousness” because I’ve discovered clearly that “spirituality” as traditional or conventional jargon either too vague or too much associated with some unnamed, mostly Christian religion of some sort in America of course. In the time when 50% or more of the population now call themselves “spiritual not religious” my change of nomenclature seems appropriate.

Another title I could use is “professor of religion” because I am a scholar/student of all religions as they both originated and grew over millenia in our species homo sapiens sapiens. There is a parallel in my consciousness today (and yours) to these many many cultures in our stages of consciousness or “spirituality.” It was they together, the individual and the collective over epochs that developed both our brains and our mind, our physical and mental “thinking,” our mind/body unity. That is a way, a model, that is up-to-date in the field of developmental psychology, which I follow.

“Transformation Coach” is another title I use sometimes. It means to point people to the larger goals of complete or real change in a person’s life. I have run such a course for myself in my long evolution. The big word is meant by me to imply big change and thus the real work that it takes. Transformation does not take palce over night. People have to make real efforts with an open mind to make real lasting life changes. That is a primary goal of the coaching/counseling that I do for my clients. If they pay the price they expect real and sustainable results. Mine is an outcome business.

To be clear, by “counseling” I mean the offer I make to my clients of the specialized knowledge I bring from my former life as a trained ordained former pastor of 30 years. It includes the evolution of all religion and the years of specialized clinical training I received in the Reformed Anglican tradition, one among hundreds worldwide. A wide and deep knowledge of systems of belief informs all I do as your coach/therapist.

In my coaching/counseling therapeutic role I can then consciously relate to your “system of belief,” otherwise known as your “worldview.” Aka “spirituality,” or again, “consciousness.” You may not be aware of these dimensions within yourself but I bring them to my work with you and your Mindfulness or Awaking, or not as the case may be. It is your psychological transformation coupled with sustainable life changes in behavior that we are about when we work together. Coaching outcomes are both measurable and immeasurable. Hah!

These titles are interchangeable to me. I share about them only to emphasize how they work to your benefit when you are ready and willing to invest your time and energy into the important goals of change you have for yourself. Bring them here and together we will make them happen!  Your deep interest and investment in yourself is what this is about.  My services carry you there.


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