A Covid Corona Moment

A pandemic can flip many of our self assumptions.

Each moment now in each day we spend it this medical health crisis we may call ” A Covid Moment,” the moment a painful or longlasting change looks us in the face.

“Pan” for “all” means all our usual expectations can be turned around by an unwelcome guest in our environment. A lifestyle may be examined for its qualities. It is possible to look at one’s own life circle and the elements that make it whole. What is lagging? What is satisfying? What is not? What can I do to make real change to improve my life?

A third party can lend clarity to the new choices that a pandemic threat puts upon us. This is a shift for my coaching as it is a shift in my own priorities. I’m glad to facilitate the shifting of these perspectives. Meditation in various forms can help. It helps us calm, see the w hole, the Big Picture, re-assess, and make new wise choices for ourselves. Wisdom itself can be accessed through coaching and meditation. One but needs to reach out, look, listen, inquire, converse with our inner selves and be guided to new ways to happiness. That however may be easier said than done. Coaching and meditation is not only about minimizing inconvenience, pain, hurt, bother, nuisance and adapting to the unexpected. It includes that but it is more than problem-solving. It’s as much about asking new questions as it is “fixing” problems. In that most of us are quite proficient already. Now in pandemic my awareness seeks to discover and set new intentions as well. That too may be more difficult than it appears. Our habits are deeply set in our lives; our patterns of daily living come with years of practice.

So what practice can replace them to adapt our real Selves to new circumstances? This is what a life coach will examine with people open to look hard at new hard exterior realities such as Covid-19 imposes on us from the very local to the very global systems and circumstances that make our world. Illusions that once sustained us no longer do. Industries and businesses can and are failing. Health itself is now an ambiguous issue, not one to be taken for granted.

Zoom and FB Facetime become a more common way to be in touch with our loved one than in person. Trips are postponed. And quarantined in our homes makes sharing space and finding peaceful space a challenge itself. Being good to oneself is always important. Like wearing a mask keeps me safe; it also add to you your safety. In similar fashion donning the Mask of Awareness, of Mindfulness, is what we owe ourselves and others.

Can we keep that in balance? What new tools can a life coach bring to guide and support us in this enforced time of soul-searching, values examination, systems assumptions, and how well I am doing, not to merely maintain, but to thrive in every arena of my life.

Now is the time Covid-19 present us this opportunity. Spending time on oneself is spending time wisely.

Reduce the stress; increase my new intentions.

Please feel free to contact me to see what stress can be reduced in your life, as well as what new intentions you may want to discover and set to working as we move into a future that is uncertain. We do that through the present moment that definitely holds positive possibility for you as for me.


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