Covid-19 Solitude: Meaning and Uses

CV-19 means enforced isolation now for humans around the globe. We are obligated to stay in our homes and in our private spaces. We do this as individuals or in partnerships or as families. It means alone time and opportunity for reflection.  Often it is within state rules that now mandate isolation fo each of us. We can busy ourselves with at-home responsibilities or alternate pasttimes or amusements but we are stuck with our Selves alone at least a part of that time. Do we focus on interior or exterior reality, or both?  Yes.

A Life Coach sees the opportunity here for solitude with a purpose, for reflection on interior OR exterior realities. Either way CV-19 is changing our life circumstances personally to locally to worldwide very quickly. The urgency of our battle with the pandemic forces us to ask serious questions about external conditions and internal ones. Life Coaching sees change happening almost entirely from the inside out. Real change comes from within .. even if it is to deal with changes without.

My family held a Zoom meeting last week in these circumstances. Mostly we talked about jobs and the things we are doing to stay safe as we practice “social distancing.” Without doubt the CV-19 crisis makes us all consider our solitude, what it means to us and how we will use it as it is forced upon us.

One member wrote eloquently on why he chose not to participate – his choice to stay in his solitude. Family members made donations to help him care for a sick pet and a close cousin who felt his anxiety teared up in the meeting. Another told how she lost the precious new job she’d only recently won with great effort. We all saw and felt the pain of her loss. Nothing we could do but empathize with her. Another is a first-responder EMT. He was out in public risking his safety to serve others. He’d given up most of his solitary time. We all respected these family member choices to show up, or not, in the Zoom call.

In solitude’s deeper moments is the opportunity to reflect on and perhaps know ourselves and others better, more deeply. This is especially true in the time of real crisis like CV-19. So if one wills to see it this way, CV-19 brings us the opportunity to coach ourselves to look deeper into what our Interior space(s) hold for us.

And all of this is to say nothing of Solitude’s “Inner Voice.” It is the experience of solitude in all spiritual traditions that says we may be spoken to by a “voice within.” Something speaks to us. I definitely have this experience, what the “Heart-Math Institute” call “harmonizing the neurons of the heart and brain {in three minutes}.”

There is a “Voice” we may hear and listen to, enlist or invoke, for both messages and insights. That too is a part of my Life Coaching practice and my own meditations… in my solitude. More of that another time.


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