Mindfulness in a Coach

My profile as a counselor and coach is Professional, not a well meaning work by newcomers and amateurs of limited training, experience or education. My life path includes decades of education, training, experience – clinical and conventional, alternative and corporate. It is holistic, integrative. I advocate and practice an Integral life style. My path of change included my long transition into and out of the Episcopal church from 1979 to 2009.

Nationally in American cultural freedom movements my former church was a voice and mind that since the late Sixties represented deep value issues in our society. It led the way for my 30 years in it in defining spiritual liberation or progressivism in foundational issues such as feminism and women’s rights and the dignity and rights of homosexual love, among others, based on postmodern meta worldviews. It fought the front-line battles of pluralism and diversity based on pluralistic godliness, human divinity, universal morality, self-aware evolution and late modern developmental psychology. As an ordained pastor I was a lieutenant in the trenches during this entire epochal shift.

I am a systems thinker, a developer of non-profit missions, a organizational trainer, an intimate pastoral heart counselor, a life time comparative religion student, a 50-year meditation practitioner (including 18 years in my yoga practice) and more… I am a living advocate of the transformation energy I offer in life coaching, mindfulness and meditation-based spiritual change. Both my professional and personal life have become integral, holistic and global in my worldview.

In 2010 I was formally initiated in the mindful lifestyle of an Integral Warrior, Shamanic Priest. The self-profession and public declaration followed an intensive 7-month workshop experience in a circle of men who embraced transformational life change. Part of that experience was living into the new depth perspective present by Integral Theory, by Ken Wilber, the “greatest map of consciousness ever devised.”

Wilber’s profound and seminal synthesis of all traditions of philosophic, spiritual and psychological insights perfectly match my interests and values, and drive my commitment to serve others in life management, self accountability and global resource development

This is the background I bring to mindful life coaching with my clients, whether individually or as couples. You set clear goals with my assistance and in turn I see with you, as another mind and set of eyes, how you take yours steps to achieve those goals, whether they be personal, vocational or inter-relational. I do this with tools, methods and insights of a mature higher states practitioner, spiritual counselor and professional life coach, as well as a loving pastor.

If this profile speaks to your life path and your desire for conscious change that you manage, with the support of an expert, then contact me and we will talk to make certain we are a good fit to work together. Voila’!


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