My Niche Evolves

It came to me clearly recently that my coach niche is about “Spirituality as Consciousness.”  That is a very big bubble that includes personal development, social abilities, career, relationships, as well as beliefs and view of transcendence.  I work with couples with marital issues too.

I’m a mix of East and West for sure, and universality via something called Integral Theory.  Developmental “Positive Psychology” is the basis of my Life Coaching and all forms of therapy I offer. I encourage you to ask about what that looks like, how it works.  It is the core of my own spiritual/consciousness aware life and professional client practice.

Ultimately it is each person’s belief system and worldview that create their patterns of thinking, behavior and feelings, their beliefs negative and positive .. their happiness and success, the smiles and happiness .. or lack thereof.

As one client put it recently, “this work makes me a better person while motivating me to want to be a better person.” “Spiritual not religious” has been around for quite a while.  The last ten years or so people began using language about being “WOKE,” Awake or not.  Today’s entire Mindfulness movement encourages and enables this new self-awareness in our society.  I prefer to call it the Self, with a capital ‘S’ as I work with you.  It is the mind of humans from our beginnings that has evolved layer by epochal layer.  I can readily  describe the massive shift in human awareness in the last 50-60 years!  It is part of the seeting of any work we do together.

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