The More I Practice….

… the more I learn from my clients, and hence help my clients to creatively grow, each in their unique style and way.

Some clients are more entrenched than others in the Beliefs through which they see and interpret the world daily.  These “worldviews” almost invariably come from childhood, sometimes from the very earliest stages of growth.  Memories of happiness and joy can be discovered along side those of regret, anger, fear and sadness.  Pain is the indicator often of issues unresolved, whether in beliefs that no longer serve you or in specific incidents that beg for examination and resolution, often years after the fact of their reality occurred.

That is where the trained eye comes in, a “familiarity with the terrain,” so to speak.  Family, school, religious upbringing, friends, romances, group activities of all sorts — any of these life elements are the context of our positive growth through life’s stages, .. or… our being traumatized in some way that “dents” our self image, leaves a mark, brings an adjustment to how we interact emotionally with others, the world, and ourselves.   And many times this adjustment is subconscious, unrealized, out of our awareness, while having its effect on our daily outlook and behavior.

Your awareness brings it to Light, to your attention when you are persistently frustrated, impatient or angry, for instance. If it forms a pattern of occurrence you may want to do something about it, get a professional opinion, not advice from a well-meaning someone.  If it persists or you are unable to change this habit into what you wish or want, like or need,.. then you may be wise to seek professional support .. in complete confidentiality.  Your personal development is your personal responsibility, and the business only of those with whom you choose to share it.

That is where my profile may be of interest.  My background combines conventional and alternative education, training and experience. You may read “About Charles,” here to gain a sense of my transformative walk, how I have adapted in and because of my fabulous set of professional opportunities and challenges.

Counselors impart wisdom and knowledge from the tradition in which they are trained.

Consultants train others in a specific skill set or task with which they are super familiar.

Life Coaches , well trained (not IMO in a week or a weekend), offer an open-ended process of inquiry that clarify your values, choices, power or strengths, beliefs, and use other tools for you to learn what’s holding you back and then to use to take specific measurable steps forward to your internal or external goals.  The goals too may need careful clarification.

Spirituality is included in my work .. in a) memorable experiences almost all of us have in unique States of Mind, the special moments of insight, inspiration, breakthrough clarity, eureka!, epiphany .. OR.. in b) the oft-hidden value or two that is of supreme importance to you, of which we may or may not be fully aware, but deeply motivate us.

This is what I do implicitly or explicitly with my clients, whether we use the term ‘spirituality’ or not.  In any case this professional and personal perspective of mine adds depth and sustainability to the work we do together.  What we do is meant to last .. and .. to be revisited by you at any future time.  Our practice together means you can practice coaching yourself.  Your Learning creates your Being, from cradle to grave so to speak.

All of these factors and elements are in my trained and watchful practice to benefit you!

You’re welcome to contact me at any time to inquire more about my services.  Examine my website; read it contents well.  Write or call me for a free initial consult to see if we are a good match to work together.

Thank you now for the opportunity to serve you toward your best-ever  Awakened YOU.


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