Why It’s Called “Practice.’

In my work and in my personal life, more and more I see life itself as a ‘Practice.’ Just like the term is used by physicians, life in every day is a matter of choices based on what we know channeled in the decisions and choices we make each hour.  A teacher taught me recently too much of our past experience and its conditioning our brain causes hardwired patterns of feelings and thoughts.   So I  make my choices in a kind of automation more than I do with fresh insight, and more importantly, a view into the future, freely looking forward, not letting past patterns choose for me.   In other words, do I have a picture, an image, a belief or a plan to create a reality that really reflects what I want now and who I am now.  A ‘practice’ is never fully realized because the ‘Practitioner’ is always aware he or she is doing best while still learning and growing a bit every day.

Now many people live lives where these questions rarely arise, and if they do, they are quickly answered by rote social norms and expectations.  I understand and accept that very often people have not the time or luxury to indulge such questions about purpose and meaning.  They have inherited belief systems that work ‘just fine.’  They are simply working to survive, “keep life and limb together,” and hope to find time on the weekend for a few hours of peace and quiet, or some managed excitement and recreation.  Then back to work.

I work and exist pretty much in the space in between.  I live with these questions of my life as a Practice,’ including the awareness that I’m growing and changing through that very awareness.  So I practice my gifts with my clients.  I have the maps with which to enter and lead them into an Inner Journey, so to speak.  I provide the time and structure, the guidance and impact to use and remember new truths discovered, new truths practiced.

All the arenas I list in my “Getting Started’ page are the areas of my own life in which I have been educated, trained, and practiced for years.  Together they all integrate into my professional and personal life in unusual fashion to make me who and what I am.  I offer my gifts as a tool for you to use by which you invest in yourself, perhaps like never before.

That is what my integral coaching is about.  It is a unique blend of my diverse past.  Part therapy, part coaching, part counseling {you need not know the difference} my work boils down to conversations like you’ve not had before.  Your goals may be relational/interactive, pragmatic and practical, or purely “spiritual,” that is of deep wisdom or insight {but not without techniques or ideas to make things happen}.  It doesn’t matter.

Life is complicated.  That’s one way to consider my services – seeing yourself unraveling your life’s complications in order for you to see things happen, and ‘manage’ them, in greater harmony, peace of mind, calm, focus and love in such a way that you are more than satisfied.  You are empowered, enlightened (at least more than before), and evolved, (at least to a degree not present before we began for sure.)  That is, you’re growing as you wish to: you’re aware of it and conscious of how it works for your benefit and everyone else around you, as mere humans.   All of us, “in this together.”


“The light in me honors the light in you.”   


Rev. Benz




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