Restating my Tao

“In merely the lifetime of the Baby Boomers an unparalleled era of global evolution has begun, an entire new epoch or stage of human development.  It is the dynamic evolutionary and historic process of stepping forward into humanity’s next tier of growth into diversity, complexity, and pluralism. This species-wide integral stage defines the leading edge of human evolution even while 21st century techno-cyber reality swirls around the age-old existential questions, “Why am I/are we here?,” and “Who do I/do we choose to be?”  Patterns of our behavior in this difficult complexity become the call in us to shift, to update our operating systems – our values, our inherited dogmas, worldviews, and beliefs. We ignore such calls at our peril.  On the other hand if we see and accept the challenge, it is to ask the more salient Big Picture question, “what am I to become?” Out of my lifelong journey into my unique present these are the core questions with which I work with my clients.  I empower each one as a sacred mediator, wisdom counselor, organizational consultant and positive psychology coach.  I help my clients act on their dreams, get past their blocks, and create a new confidence and abilities in their own expectations of themselves. It works step by step to reach their goals and objectives.  The journey is from confusion to clarity, trauma to trust, darkness to light, mere survival to real achievements, constant stress to relaxed focus.  The journey is accomplished a step at a time, measurable and doable, a “gentle struggle.”  It is a Way, a life of growth, practice and enlightenment, a transformation via the soul.  I’ve done it.  I know how.  A new “map of consciousness” is on the human table.  I’ll share it with you.”   CFB

This profile of mine as a therapist, counselor and coach is a unique approach for my clients. It is “alternative,” just as all healers and therapists are in background, style and worldview. I bring my expertise to any one who seeks real change for themselves .. from the outside in, and the inside out.

You determine where to begin; you find your answers that WORK FOR YOU. My work with you means your fruit and flowers come from a new root, a new depth in your life, from new software and new hardware in your operating system as you reinvent yourself, a portion or a part at a time.




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