What do I share with Trump?

New book I just read, “Trump and a Post-Truth World,” by Ken Wilber. Integral insight.
Wilber: it’s in a developmental stage of “Boomeritis” that DJT expresses his generation, the ‘Me Generation’ narcissism merged with a virulent ‘don’t tell me what to do’ insistence on autonomy. Mr. Drumpf IS the worst example and best symbol of Boomer all-demanding ego(ism) “infected” with an extremely childish selfishness. But we {all or most} still swim in Boomer waters.
Question: what to do with the “let’s face-it” Pogo Irony that most hate to admit, that “We’ve Met the Enemy And He Is Us.” 8 out of 10 angry/resentful citizens made Trump the POTUS. I did NOT vote for him but I certainly was fed up with DC! {for 50 yrs, since Vietnam began!)
Answer: let Compassion lead for ALL 8 out of those 10. “Compassion is the ONLY judgmental attitude allowed..Move up from judging to caring.” Or remain part of the problem, the fallacy of enlightened ‘liberality’ turned into intolerance and hate.
Refrain from gloating in superiority towards friends and acquaintances or anyone so unbelievably constricted, suffocating, suffering stuck in such a state. We/’they’ do not choose the cultures and environments we/they grew up in. Sanction and vote accordingly re bad behavior. Practice truth, diversity, pluralism, inclusivity.
Conscious growth ain’t easy! It takes heart to embrace and practice. Michelle said it, “When they go Low, we go High.” Be the 20% that lead, knowing what stage of growth you’re in.  Then practice it, over and over… Is this about forgiveness and trust by other names?  Spiritual work only for the courageous?
As an Integral coach this is a sample of the view and vantage point in which I see myself and my clients.

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