Shooting? What shooting?

@ the occasion of the 11/6/2017 Texas church massacre….


Shooting? What shooting?

My perspective on this is through the two main and conflicted views of this deadly event in our homeland in the era of UnTruth.  We are forced to look at the life of a lost soul, a man abandoned unto himself who acted out his desperation.  While we collectively are forced to ask, what’s wrong with our society, our legislators, our country’s soul?

And the underlying paradox is, “The bullet is true even if there is no longer truth. No such compass any longer exists. I’ll kill you to prove it.” In the post-truth era the words of the nihilist/narcissist shout as loud as a gun, “what I want to be true is true because I say it is.”

Our post-truth national psyche has an angry ‘shoot it’ anti-evolution* mentality to it, as seen in the “T-Rex” (as I call POTUS.)

It is the cost of ‘Merika’s group {LL} and institutional {LR} ways of power and competition, exclusion under the banner of inclusion, that makes people violently mad and the mad to act out. While our conflict of rights battle permits massacres by anyone with people-killers like the AR-15.

And we feel powerless. To do anything but whine? Point at mental illness. Scratch our heads that lethal tools are in the hands of the impaired or powerless. Or invoke the 2nd Am. We feel indignation. Or vindication. We can’t read Sign? Or refuse to?

We transcend this period of counter-development by including its message. Or the disasters continue.

If you don’t know or are curious about how to view and comprehend this tragic in its paradox and it leaves you stressed and depressed, I can help.  It takes a spiritual vantage and viewpoint.  Some call it mindfulness.  Integral philosophy calls it,  be AWAKE, or how to Wake Up, then to Grow Up, Clean Up, thus to Show UP, please contact me.  This is what healing, therapy, mindfulness, counsel and coaching is about the way I offer it.  Thanks.


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