New “Religion”? A “How to….”

This is a FB message I posted to a Integral friend who wants to see his religion change in line with the maxims of Integral Theory by Ken Wilber.  Wilber’s Jan 2017 book “The Religion of Tomorrow” holds the full explanation of what is religion’s challenge to become 21st century, or “post-modern,” in spiritual terms, FYI.
“My theology to recommend is accessible only through a meditation practice faithfully engaged. Very loosely I’d call it ” the church of holy meditation.” B/c only through the meditative or altered states of Waking Up does it occur that we are lead in Growth to feel and experience and use new fully developed stages of every day consciousness, called “Green and Turquoise” in Integral Theory. Then each person is led into a new semiotics/languaging that express IT fully as well as the “Faith” of  any wisdom tradition.

 Are you a online member of “Integral Life?” If so, see KW’s latest webcast there on “Sex and Tantra.” Not to do with sex (entirely or necessarily) but you will find a complete description in the webcast of the practice of Empty Witnessing state that leads to the Non-Dual Suchness state and how to integrate them, turiya to turiyatita, the 4th and 5th states of our daily consciousness.
See “The Religion Of Tomorrow.” Of course this is the same challenge for all, Christianity or any other conventional religion aspiring to the late and latest 2nd and 3rd tiers of human and planetary evolution. I’ve done this in my own practice but still consider myself a beginner.
Having transformed my own spirituality over the last 7-8, 10-15 years I know the work involved. I neither know of nor have heard of but very very few X’n pastors or theologians who have embraced this path. Terry Patton, eg. I remain dubious on whether progressive or “Integral” X’ns can do this without a lot of guidance, teaching and practice. TROT is a very big change out of church based LL and LR “Church-ianity.” Including its so very still paternal power salvationist worldview and historic system and structures, eg the Roman communion. A strong UL commitment to IT must begin this journey IMO. It is the tip of a very very big iceberg, Indeed the entire iceberg would require lifting out of that sea of religion, via the Witnessing and Non-dual path.”
Anyone wanting training in Meditation, see my page here, “Getting Started,” for an outline of what is involved.  Then contact me.
“The Light in me honors the Light in you.”  Namaste’

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