What’s Important. The “C” Word.

Re “C”.   The “C” stands for cancer but I eschew it s=use. I wish not to empower its ability to frighten and disturb people, or myself.

Of course it depends on the type of “C” contracted and the medical prognosis that goes with it, but today for most people it is a ‘normal’ or norm in our society to go to the medical team you want treating your “C.”  As I said, I use “C” rather than the full word, not to empower it in my mind, or reinforce its power for fear and dred in and among my peeps and my wider inter-relational groups.

But then again each case is unique as it happens to you, the individual.  FYI, mine is HPV oral-pharyngeal carcinoma.

That’s what I am going to do here. I’ll practice my recall skills of course to cover my time since my diagnosis on Sept. 28, 2016. But how one responds and chooses to deal with this serious dilemma is the real story for each of us so diagnosed.

My response immediately was to own it, not let ‘it’ own me.  Or, as I’ve just heard, “break an egg from the outside, you’re done.  Break an egg from the inside, you’ve just started.”  IOW, any day’s decision may change your life.  My decision came intuitively, as most of them do.  I will submit my medical self to the medical procedures and physicians.  The tumor and malignant cells in my throat I will take under the advisement of my heart or soul body, my higher self accessible to my mediation practice of almost fifty years.

So that is what I did.  I began to look at and meditate upon my new life, my life in a forced transformation. It is a new relationship with myself.  The old ways are resistant but this “uninvited guest” did more than bid or call me into my personal power.  It rather insisted upon it.  It is the modern therapeutic question, “how does one let go of”.. something, and it accompanied corollary, “with what is {that something} replaced?”

Old habits are best led to obsolescence by creating new ones.  Every coach/counselor knows that.  Do you?  Ask anyone who has been drawn into the fraternity/sorority of “C”.  Reinventing oneself is a challenge to find new purpose and meaning for your life. Only you can do it for yourself.  And support can make all the difference.



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