“Blades of Glory” : a tale of transformation

“Blades of Glory” is a funny/gross Jungian cartoon in a disturbing but evocative movie.  It is upsetting and  revealing in a good way. A close frined recommneded this movie.  It is the weirdest combination of the ridiculous and the sublime you’ll ever see, due mostly to Will Farrell’s clown act versus the statements he makes in the flic.  Here’s what I saw.

Two alter male egos in ‘mortal conflict’ with each other reconcile by finding a common purpose, goal and identity.  One has no father, the other is adopted, then abandoned they are proto-males, under developed, needing initiation, archetypal extremes, one all potent, the other impotent, dumb and dumber.

Through trials that destiny forces upon them they experience each other up close on their path of individuation. they learn to work together and eventually experience a conversion, then a love relationship with a ‘good girl. In reconciling the two males become one in brotherhood; they have a transcendent experience carrying them into a higher state of being balanced evolved men.

The hyper heroic and hypo feminized males become the authentic integrated masculine – the brothers as one with their open heart turned toward freedom.

Old male principles are initiated by transitional modern masculine principles to become a model of the initiated new masculine man.

Steel and ice becomes fresh pumping flesh,blood and bone + spirit. Hah.

The closed, numb, demanding aggressive repressed bastard cohabits with the dependent passive naive contained nice guy

to practice being

receptive feeling nurturing assertive fresh/humorous wild playful fierce lover.

The hard, dominating tough killer destructive controlling Lord and Master has intercourse with the soft submissive gentle pliant impotent immature

to become

the flexible capable strong warrior firm vigilant partner/husband.

the exploitative linear splitting penetrator joins the merging diffused magical thinker

to transform into

the discriminating eclectic resourceful healer with personal ethics.

The patriarchal absolutist divided dogmatic exclusive priest (of hot steel) cohabits with the seeker beautiful dissociated matriarchal (ice, frozen water)

to become spiritually Large, more whole,

the paradoxical grounded embodied discriminating person, a mentor via direct experience, and holders of many beliefs/gods, integrated.

The ultimate moment comes when they exchange roles in the dangerous on ice Iron Cross move; they exchange roles when one is in crisis, thus proving and completing their symbiosis. The fear and risk of death is acted out/passed though climatically in elegance graceful poise via the masculine beauty of facing and embracing danger, the danger

of becoming fully human males. Then they stand as victorious brothers, the Whole man, reborn in a shared transforming ritual of beauty in synchronized ice skating, a ritual public death scenario.

Postlude: “the girl” in the movie realizes her ‘goddess’ and the new couple flower in relationship. She draws upon his transformed/transforming energy; she follows and leads him in turns. In the four dimensions of love her new man undoubtedly will guide nurture and welcome her on her transformational evolutionary journey. she can enter him as he does her; they are free in their mutually evolving state to experiment and explore, imagine and create!, as they choose. They dance with their masculine/feminine; the feminine wants the masculine to express itself and vice versa, he the she, she the he. They create and exchange roles out of fluidity and caring, imagination and lust. It is their special beautiful exclusive joy! They do for each other what their yin and yang wishes, their intimate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bond all spelling itself out in the processes of fun, trust, adventure and deep pleasures.

This is their edge, their new life, merged and mindful, aware and self awareness is now their bond. They cherish and nurture it together.

Will Farrell is not the buffoon baboon he appears to be.  His biggest denial has become his biggest affirmation. His demented Alpha has become his wise Omega.


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