Medical Marijuana Shift Means More…

Bottom line: a change in one’s state of mind can leads to a new stage of personal growth.  This is what the shift to acceptance of alternative medicinal approaches in the USA means in the bigger picture.  Shifts like this ultimately are personal and usually come through support by others.

The federal approval of the clinical medicinal use of cannabinoid is meaningful.  In this news is a deeper wider issue, beyond the huge revenues in this new industry, and its social benefits to the school system as in Colorado (10% of tax revenues to the schools there).

It is in the social-political realism that shifting world views promotes and further activates the values of diversity, pluralism, and inclusivity. This is the path of enhanced communication, understanding, empathy, creativity, tolerance, compassion, harmony and unity that leads our species to enlightenment, to survive/thrive more mutually in all realms of our activity.

The deeper truth pointed to is about practicing intentional higher states of mind via meditation, or brain entrainment, not casual escapist smoke. It means embracing the 50y.o. emerging integrated stage of an eco and a demythologized spiritual world view, and hence, to grow in our individual multiple intelligences and talents, and much more. That is all that is asked of any of us, and all of us, collectively.

My counsel enables this kind of shift.  Getting there takes insight and practice.  What’s calling you to your next shift?



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