men and women

As I see it, Feminism is the attempt to redress the inadequacies or outmoded ways of men and women seeing each other and acting their ‘stereo’-roles with or ‘at’ each other.  All this is changing, and continues to shift, in in our lifetimes. No wonder the genders are confused in their roles and understanding of each other, not least in the bedroom.  In contrast Patriarchy is Masculine energy  inflated, exaggerated, gross and resistant to change.  It is the force in the globe that needs its Big Shift, a down shift as it were.  Patriarchy’s dark side is visible in so much social, organizational and political-economic abuse of women.  Look for and recognise it by its characteristics of unrelenting dominance, hardness of heart, win-at-all cost competition, women fearing, sexualizing, pugnacity, brutishness, ‘might is right,’ pompous egoism, rigidity, self-proclaimed ‘superiority,’ arrogance, bullying or mutilation, war-making,  etc, etc.
Feminists must help men to see this shift is for their good , and for women’s and for everybody’s so that collaboration, partnering, teamwork becomes prominent and more effective/productive/creative.  Look around you.   You’ll see both the battlegrounds of this shift and the ways in which the shift has occurred or has not b/c of resistance to it.  Much of this can be seen through the Masc/Femin paradigm, the M/F lens.  Practice it; you’ll see.   And practice love of yourself more, or more deeply with it too.  This can be a matter of prayer, .. and wisdom over time
My want for women and men is in fact to worship and be worshipped, a convergence of reverence and joy, personally, socially, intimately and otherwise.  This is a mental/physical/spiritual love to me.  The “experiment” and experience of feminism becomes less mysterious or difficult when the Jungian described respective Masculine and Feminine stuff (in their N/N) is more readily acknowledged and acted on.
This is the message or insight or wisdom the feminist, LGBT community is telling us all, I think, and by Kosmos-Evolution’s [God’s] grace.  Spirit wants love in growth and growth in love for us all all the time.  I think.  It’s power bids us, or drags us kicking, into the future.
Life Coaching in the model I have described in my blog-posts helps the process with liberation, enlightenment, and the impetus of free Choice by opening the infinite options within our Nature/Nurture humanity.  The ‘higher consciousness’ of Feminism is working in many leadership functions in our society.    It is higher consciousness or enlightened awareness always that lead the masses step by step to a more collaborative,, teamwork, compassionate, spiritual, just, fair or democratic morality.
But it is a very long train of recalcitrant patriarchal ‘dumb and dumber’ cars that this enlightened engine is pulling.  Do all you can to foster, enable or encourage it to gain momentum and speed, please.  Good Coaching empowers people in step-by-step progress according to their self growth career or personal development goals.

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