On Feminism

Someone asked me recently how, as a man, I saw myself as a Feminist. In partial answer to this Big Question of our generation, I wrote to them, saying….


“Hey.   I am committed to Feminism, deeply.   I am thankful to meet someone who can ask how I feel and think about my Feminist outlook.  Thank you!  My professional background and personal predilections can be of help if they add whatever wisdom I have to others in my path.  You are one of them.

I am still a clay vessel.  I want to let you know further that my Feminism is not just of the psyche and soul but of my discipline as a counselor and life coach, that is, taught and studied philosophy as well as a Feminist, ever since I was in seminary.”
That said, here is a bit more on how Feminism informs me.   I believe not only in the equality of women, their empowerment and right to be respected as equals of men, but that the mission of women to unenlightened men is paramount so that men come to recognize, acknowledge and affirm women as equals.   And, further, that empowered enlightened women would enjoin enlightened men to work with them to call out and change the attitude of degrading or patronizing patriarchy wherever it is embedded and ensconced, or worse, its depredations are seen in mental, religious, or physical persecution and abuse of women everywhere.
Eg., Patricia Arquette on TV today was taking her Oscar speech to a meeting at the UN, in NYC, to some group called “50-50.”  It sounded like they were such an organization of enlightened women and enlightened men working toward goals of equality for women.  I’ll have to research the group.
The point for me is that women need to not only empower themselves but help men to help women and men to find their way into enlightenment and empowerment, as I call it.  It is a full circle; one gender cannot “win” if both do not.  Ultimately this I see as a spiritual battle, a matter of deep paradigm shifts from the internal subjective individual to the internal collective community and then in its many systemic institutions and structures. In other words, change, to last, must occur person by person and from the inside out, so to speak.  Of course, like Christianity’s slow but persistent progress, this may take centuries.  But it is the path of enlightenment, as I perceive it as a spiritual man, a matter of raising consciousness any way it can be done.  Protect, legislation, business atmosphere, family, the LGBT community mission, and meditation practices that lead to an experience of Oneness.
As it may be relevant, I call this the ‘holy androgynous’ element in each of us that can be learned or newly hardwired to fulfill and express this Empowerment-Enlightenment potential with us all.  It is in fact part of our purpose and destiny in evolutionary terms. In fact, it fuels its passion and our self-affirmation as we study and learn about it, or “inwardly digest” this holistic viewpoint, as I hope you might. In relationships this androgynous model empowers the woman and the man to express their full spectrum of feelings and thoughts and leadership qualities in a shared way.  
Both genders embrace “Feminism” when the masculine and feminine are acted on mentally  or behaviorally ways in them both.  Feminism is not primarily a matter of gender but of soul, psyche.  It can be delightfully discovered and explored in a myriad of expressions and settings, as Ms. Arquette seeks to speak about at the U. N. this week.  It is accomplished by the shifting of paradigms that I speak of here, in terms of a whole-some or holistic evolution over time.
In diversity Feminism becomes the expression of Oneness in the ‘communing’ of the masculine with the feminine. They become conjoined and collaborative.  This occurs no matter if male or female are expressing it or acting it out.  For example, as this applies or is relevant to the entire LGBT community, by claiming its own rights and privileges, and articulating its own parameters, I see that as part of that community’s purpose or mission.  But the same is true in political, social, educational or business settings where the deeper equality of the sexes is recognized, affirmed, and protected within the boundary of this evolving understanding. Does that make sense to you?  I hope so.”
(The light in me honors the light in you.)
CF Benz



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