VA Vets and Meditation

I’m wondering seriously what meditation could do for ailing vets in the VA system who are suffering from PTSD, prolonged anxiety or pain due to war-related incidences of violence.  I’d like to teach this practice to groups of such hard hit good people. It is I believe a great way to enable people who have lost so much physical and mental ability becaseu they were the unlucky ones to be caught in harm’s way.

It’s all about control – from the inside out, so to speak, giving these men and woman a personal way for them to manage their pain and stress, and regain their dignity and self-esteem.  Meditation restores emotional balance as well as gives access to foresight or strategizing parts of the brain. Then goal could even be new jobs and new self-sustaining families for these worthy vets of ours who just need the opportunity to prove themselves once again after some kind of violence or explosion took strength from them

I will assume these soldiers want most to be autonomous and able to manage their lives self-sustainably, even if they’ve lost a limb.  I’d like to test  a model of mid- to long-term of training and practicing meditation as a bring relief and empowerment to these honorable people who have lost a lot in service to our not-very-smart recent ‘wars.’
Anybody know someone working inside the VA system worthy of this idea to heal and help our vets?  I need to inquire which of these PTSD people, without brain or body damage too severe, could learn to practice meditation.  It could be a powerful tool in addition to therapies that are working for these people or a new way of empowerment for whom conventional PT and drug therapies are not working very well. 


What do you think?


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