This is about our health!?

I watch TV.  

Here is a list of 21 benignly-named weird chemical compositions I do not want to be exposed to. It took me only a very few days to collect them via my viewing the Tube.  Each is a prime time advertised drug, many with warnings of side effects far more frightening than the ailment they address, including death.

Humera  Nexium  Biotene  Breo   Abilify   Januvia   Botox   Citracal   Restasis   Beeno   Salonpas Xarelto    Lyrica   Ocuvite    Symbicort   Celebrex   Xeljanz   Spiriva   Levemir   Avino   Linsess.

I saw these ads so many times I grew slightly anxious and I was not sure why.  Their mysterious unclear purposes aimed at ailments I’d never heard of were queerly intriguing as they were paraded before me in my home.  I felt slightly invaded by their weird presence and odd names.

Half the time a viewer cannot tell what they are for! Watch one and see if you can.  Amerika Sick is america dependent on this stuff to address their symptoms.  

What?!  I’m supposed to ask a doctor to prescribe these to me? 

I suppose I owe some kind of apology to anyone who reads this post IF they are actually a dependent user of one of these “medicines.”

Nevertheless – do all you can to delete any such use of this drug from your life. Seek alternatives outside Dr. Prescription. Wean yourself off of them!  Usually this involves getting up off the couch, your physical or mental one.   As a coach I can help you with that for sure!

In Amerika medicine is all about profit, not prevention, nor even cure necessarily.


I recommend yoga practice as the best overall preventative regimen -> nose to toes, your bones, muscles, and organs are stimulated, stretched and strengthened. There is nothing better than a holistic approach to your sacred body and divine person.  I’m in my 11th year of my yoga practice and I feel great! You too can feel 20 years younger, or more.

A professional coach is the help one can access when they decide to get off their mental/emotional couch.  Start by Standing Up for yourself!


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