Sugar or the Divine?

My blog title is a bit facetious.  I intend it to be ironic.  That is, I point to a paradox, two opposites truths next to each other at the same time. 

By “Sugar” I mean first the literal white sweet stuff made from cane.  It is the substance our food culture relies on way to heavily, as in the average of lthree sodas a day we drink, or the processed foods that contribute to our overweight, overeating culture.  The food industry keeps pumping this stuff onto our grocery shelves and into us. 

“Sugar” is my metaphor for the part of us outside our selves that too much control us, or keeps us limited even though we want something more.  It may be external substances or it may mean the beleifs in our unconscious that have been put there by things that don’t really serve our best interests. Lately we see it in our political system, and jihadists.  It is in each of us of course.

By “Divine” I mean our best part of ourselves, the aspirations and intentions that draw us to be good and better selves all the time.  It goes by many names, usually I think of it as our good consciences, my ability to like others and to practice the ‘Golden Rule,’ or other truths about how good humans are and can be positive and of benefit to each other. Right now it’s all visible in sports in the Olympics (and its setting in a country we still fear.)

Both sugar and the divine relate to how I relate to myself and you as my fellow human.  I see them both in myself.  I help myself by affirming and accepting, acknowledging them both, in myself.  I also coach from this viewpoint.

This starts my progress, my attaining my goals, or even gives the vision to set goals themselves!

There are so many ways to see and deal with ourselves in the sugar and the divine.  As a coach and mediator both modern genetic science and ancient religious faiths define their parameters for me. Reason and faith, spirit and the rational.

Sugar and the divine are to be seen around us every day in the hundreds of choices we have that either help us reach our goals or set up road block’s to the very same thing.  We love success; we fear failure.  Success and failure however are two terms that drip with meaning. sometimes it seems objective; sometimes they seem entirely subjective or person.  They may be both but it takes ‘a village’ to sort it out.  It may take or a life time or it can happen in a moment.

That’s what my coaching does – it give you the handle on the sugar and the divine in your way.  It plugs into your divine/your wisdom despite your sugar, with a decided opting into the wisdom part.  You have your own wisdom for sure and the wisdom others (the village).  That’s’ all the my coaching requires, a divine act as it were.

None of us is alone. Good coaching depends on the process of engagement with the sugar and the divine. Ultimately its power is tremendous because it is longer factious.  It goes beyond the paradox into the power that resolves the paradox.  That is what I mean on my homepage when I ask, “Do you want to unlock your personal power?,”  etc.

Your answer begins our connection.






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