Same-Sex Marriage: What It Means.

It is all about our ROOTS seen in the fruit of our individual, collective and institutional tree(s).  Look and see.

I cannot say it better than Stephen Dinan of the “Shift Network.” (2013 Catalyst, Issue 6)

He says, and I quote:

“When I reflect on the Shift, one of the key elements is a rebalancing and rehonoring of masculine and feminine. In a culture in which masculine energies are privileged over feminine, as has been the case the last 5000 years, homosexuality becomes very threatening.
In such a world, straight men tend to embody only masculine qualities in order to win social approval. Excess femininity becomes a threat to the social order and even one’s livelihood.  Gay men’s sexuality – and more importantly gender balance – tends to blur the lines, integrating more feminine into a masculine body.  The same is true with lesbian women.  This blurring of strictly demarcated gender lines challenges the fundamental order of a masculine-dominant society.
Along with millions of others, we marked the end of 2012 as the birth of a new era – a global era in which masculine and feminine come back into balance and wholeness.  This balance in our collective consciousness is required for us to embody our full divinity and to see the world through the eyes of the sacred because we all have both masculine and feminine within us and, more importantly, within our souls.  When we polarize around gender and create schisms and discrimination, we cut off our access to our soul intentions and the ability to bring through more of our divinity. 
So while gay people might only be 5% of our population, they are playing a crucial role in freeing us up from our rigid gender identifications.  As the inner rigidity thaws, we can manifest a more sacred and whole civilization in which masculine and feminine qualities reunite in a sacred marriage, which allows creativity and evolution to accelerate.  In a very real way, gay marriage can help us deepen and improve straight marriages because of the freedom and sanction provided for masculine and feminine energies to come back into harmony.  And it helps liberate more creativity in our society – even for single people.”

Now to most men (and women!) in our society we may realize that were raised and defined daily very largely by the 1,000 masculine heroes whose images are all around us all the time.  They represent  in vivid boldness what has become what I call “hyper masculinity.”  The attributes of this so-called “heroic” masculinity are dominating coercive controlling Physical, closed aggressive demanding Emotional, compartmentalized analytical rules&laws  Mental, patriarchal dogmatic absolutist Spiritual.

When you see these traits clearly reported on in the many crises of our day recognize them for what they are in their roots.

Their Western roots are in ancient Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  These religious Big Three set the definitions of masculine and feminine centuries ago both philosophically and in every social convention and tradition they determined.  The modern roots are in the Edwardian and Victorian eras, bear resemblance to John Wayne and John McCain in my generation, the likes of sports heroes too plentiful to name as an example, (and fallen athletes like Lance Armstrong and Michael Vick or Tiger Woods for the contemporary generation.)  Virtually all of our society’s institutional superstructures – government, finance, church, medicine/science, military, education, health, entertainment, sports – are in trouble because of these traits overwhelming expression. They are too often morally impotent or bankrupt. They visibly suffer from greed, avarice, egomania, corruption, profligacy, over competitiveness, self-destructiveness, addiction and reactionary defensiveness as a result. We see it all around us and yet do not understand its roots.  That’s why each of us is called to evolve in our thinking and wholeness.

My happiness in being a Life Coach and a wedding Officiant in same-sex marriages is because it is one way I can witness to and contribute to the Shift away from these “too-masculine” trend lines in our culture.  The GLBT community, gay men and women are counterbalancing us all toward a more authentic humanity, masculinity and femininity.  Same-sex couples contribute as they take their place in their civil and religious rights among us all.  The church no longer “owns” marriage. The separation of church and state is taking its final step when states legislate the validity of same-sex marriage.  You can be part of this Shift as you lend this movement of enlightenment your support. It is enlightenment and one I am not shy to claim and proclaim.

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

C.F. Benz, CPC, M.Div.

PS.    Women – you have much to learn also from these terms.  You can help your man and we men make this shift.  Come support our shift and enlightenment with your own.


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