“Goofy, Silly” Personal Development? Will Farrell?!

Love a good flic?

A friend polled her friends who’d seen “Blades of Glory” with Will Farrell and they all thought it was “goofy,” or just “silly.”   But she told me, “Chas, you gotta see this thing.”  What I saw was a comic but serious story of career development via a drama about a much more interesting personal transformation journey.

This is just me, what I saw:

“Blades of Glory”, is a funny and often gross cartoon or parody of life set in the world of competitive professional figure skating.  I know nothing of that world but the story was disturbing nd revealing, in a good way

Two heady competitive men are in ‘mortal combat’ with each other on the ice.  They are extreme “alter egos” to each other.  One is hyper macho and too sexual; the other is decidedly dreamy and artistic.

Initially the two seem to be male examples of “dumb and dumber.” Through trials that destiny forces upon them they experience each other up close, closer than they ever wanted.  Reluctantly at first they slowly learn to work together and embrace their new way of seeing themselves and their work in a good way. Ultimately the two reconcile by finding a common purpose, goal and even an identity, a way of seeing themselves (issues for people in life transitions that coaching supports..Hah!) 

In a way that seems only possiblein in the movies these two reconciling males become one in brotherhood.  Ever seen two men lifted into the clouds wearing ice skates?  Again, only in the movies.  The climax is a highly dramatised transcendent experience that carryies them into  a higher state of being balanced evolved men.

Old dominating masculine principles like controlling, aggressive, absolute, demanding,  and coercive are changed.  They emerge to become a model of a new model for masculine men – colloborative, generous, flexible, resourceful, grounded, capable and receptive.

I think the underlying metaphor of “Blades of Glory” is rigid  hard Steel and Ice become fresh blood, bone and spirit, that is fully human.  Yeah!

This is their new edge, or edges, so to speak   Now they cherish and nurture this growth and willingness to change together.  Before they were ready to kill each other.

 As a coach I can get behind that, even in a very “odd” movie.

Check it out.  It may be disturbing.  But I hope in a good way.




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