What Time Is It?

If you ask one person the time of day and another person the time of day you might receive two different answers.  Not that the fact of the time is different but that the context of each person according to their perspective is unique and subjective.  The words used to answer your simple question might hold very different stories depending on who you are talking with.  There’s always a reason we stop to ask, “what time is it?” In our Great Recession lots of people are asking about their careers, “what time is it?”

The two answers are going to be different because of the immediate lens of their emotions and whereabouts. I marvel at the complexity and the paradoxical simplicity of people’s lives.  I see everyone around me through my own worldview and perspective.  If you ask me the time I’ll answer straight up with the hours and minutes.  I leave you to know of course AM or PM.   That is obvious.  What  isn’t so obvious is the larger setting the time of our lives has us in constantly.  Any of us at any time can “step back” and take measure of the “times of our lives.”  It is our ability to reflect and scrutinize on the place and stage or state of our lives on any given day. We look forward to the future and back to the past.  We look around us to our loved ones, our families, and the leaders of our world view whom we may acknowledge or not.  What we are doing is measuring ourselves by our innate set of values, standards of performance, and our inner ambitions by which we find ourselves satisfied or dissatisfied against our expectations of “progress.”  Often progress is called success.  I am successful or failing according to my own values and moral standards, my family’s, my business and my culture’s expectations.  But how do I ask, “what time is it?,” from an entirely fresh point of view?

What a life coach does is delve into these issues with you for you to gain a fresh objectivity toward the factors you use to measure yourself against your goals.  Some goals are implicit or innate, some are explicit and hardcore.  Either way the presence of another party with training and a set of professional tools will add a very helpful dimension to answering your questions about “what time is it,” in your life or “what’s wanted?” to adjust the direction of your career or relationships or esteem toward yourself. 

Life coaching is a powerful handle on these questions and a great boost for you to discover afresh your own best answers and ability to adapt according to your sincere time and effort spent to take fresh control of your life.  Under stressful conditions it is good to step out of the storm for time to reflect, plan and begin a new course in career, relationships and the ongoing task of growing according to your innate sense of who you want to be, and to become.  Coaching adds power to your investigation and traction to your efforts to grow, always.

Best wishes,   Rev. Chas


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