Recruiters and Shoes

Recruiters are invaluable in today’s hard pressed economy.  They expertly place  “round peg” employees in the “round holes” that employers currently have open. Optimum  matches are their forte’.  Recruiters work in all sorts of industry and business niches.  Some are in accounting, some in medical fields, some in education, some even in non-profits – my former middle career, as I call it.

Recruiters love to place CFOs, and COO, and CEOs best  They command the largest salaries and therefore the largest fees for the recruiter.   Recruiters work with all sorts of manager and technical kinds of workers. The recruiter is working for his interest first, the business or corporation second as his client and you, the job hunter, third.    They save the client and the job seeker a lot of time and effort of networking, communicating, traveling, resume pumping, anxiety and frustration.  Wiht industry knowledge a recruiter streamlines the “right fit” process becasue he or she knows the ins and outs of the businessess in their niche.  It’s like the recruiter brings out from the back room the exact fitting shoe for the job seekers exact size foot.

But for every 1 person placed, or fitted with that perfect shoe, how many other “shoe shoppers” are left sitting?  1 in 20-30?  1 in 40-50?  1 in 100?  Depending on the location and kind of work and skill set match we are talking about, it may be any of these ratios of “placed” to “unplaced.”   All shoppers want a good fit, even those who feel like they are standing in a line, in a line that may not even be moving.  What other style and kind of job “shoe” might suit you best now?

But unemployment isn’t just about fit. It is about creatively researching new options, discovering or creating them.  It is about time to reflect on goals and objective, career happiness and what more there is that makes for “job satisfaction.”  Do you know exactly what your top job skill set is?  Do you know exactly what your top five life values are?  Work values?  One may need to reinvent oneself.   One may need to reevaluate one’s purpose altogether.  This is where a coach backing up the work of recruiters also invaluable.

It may take some inward journeying to better function in the hard responsibility of finding or creating new work.  Often there is a need to shift from one niche you know to a related niche or one you don’t even know about.   Today the best job is often the one you make for yourself.  That can mean entrepreneurship or it can mean showing a corporate manager definitively how you can make a difference to his bottom line.  Well prepared for that crucial interview, you’ll know what he needs as well as or better than he does.

I have 30+ years of counseling and  career consulting inside my coaching acumen.  I know skills are transferable from one kind of work to another.  I know how to make resume scattering unnecessary.  And I love helping recruiters offer something more to those they are not able to place currently in their niche.  Coaching works especially well with the “hard to place,” or the mavericks, or even the person who is confused or overwhelmed by job hunting in today’s’ economy.  There is great opportunity out there today, as well as plenty of confusion and scrambling. 

Let an experienced coach give you the very best use of your time by investing in yourself, in your transformation, in cobbling your own best- fitting job “shoe.”  Perhaps just as important, the support of a coach adds the confidence and efficient use of time that matters most when you are in job-hunt mode.  It is counter intuitive to hire a coach when you are unemployed.  But frankly, that’s all the more reason to invest in yourself now so you are reengaged in your career as soon as possible. 

The Triangle of Raleigh -Durham and Chapel Hill is a great place to live.  Don’t let a job loss move you away from here unnecessarily.


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