3.2 million jobs..

.. Or some such figure was talked about by an employment expert on the news today. 

A big example was long-haul truck drivers, the big-riggers, 18-wheelers.   American companies are ready, it is reported, to hire such drivers but there are way too few men or women willing to take on the job.  It is dangerous, physically demanding, a bit lonely, leisure is at a minimum, and does it have one away from home about 2 weeks at a time.    I did this job once for six months as a young man.  It was all I could stand.  So I know.

But the  point of the story and the example for me is that our economy is in such a large shift that there are gaps in our financial social fabric that boil right down to the personal level for millions of people. I was one of them.   What can I do?  What am I willing to accept for work?    If I am a teacher, how do I become a long distance truck driver?  If I am a truck driver how do I become a hospital orderly?  If I am a real estate agent how do I become a certified financial planner? Success MUST be newly defined.  How do I make the mental emotional shift to different pay but to a different kind of work altogether?   And a new self image to go with it by the way?  Your recruiters and employment offices will not  address these issues directly.  A competent coach will.

It’s the same across the country as it is here in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Charlotte, Greensboro and Fayetteville.

In other words our Big Shift requires a serious change in attitude, often towards oneself before things can start to happen.  To find the new position or new work out there it is best to go in there,  into your own attitudes and beliefs first, in order to find them or create them.  That kind of ambition need clarity, focus and commitment, not easy qualities to muster when you’re depressed over a job loss or a lousy job driving you crazy, or you cannot retire like you thought.

These are the questions I help my clients with.  Skills are transferable, I guarantee it.  And traction in a still-rewarding  job is far better than being stuck in limbo, believe me.  Been there, done that too.  Redefining, reinventing oneself is not easy and takes real focus.  It’s the crucial difference a life coach (CPC) adds to the equation.  It leads to “unstuck” quicker than anything I know.



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