10,000 in USA Retire Each Day.

Right. Boomers stepping into retirement. Some have long awaited the opportunity  and some are forced to “Retire” by layoffs or economic downturns, as they are called.

When we were kids retirement held the picture of a guy spending all day on a golf course.  And that was supposed to represent the ideal way to relax and enjoy a lot of leisure time.  Of course that presumed a fancy pension from General Motors or the downtown bank.  It actually was my grandfather Fred’s reality pretty much after being a salesman for almost 50 years.  But that was from roughly 1960 to 1985.  Yes, he even moved with Grammy to Florida like the story goes.  My dad earned his retirement to stop full time work at about age 70. He then puttered and maintained his home, wife and family social life for another 18 years in Tucson, Az.    Now I live in North Carolina and lots of people have moved to the mountains in the West or to the coast beaches in the East here.

Good for them. But my way is to plan to keep working forever.   I choose to maintain an income and my sense of engagement or usefulness.  My travel now is well planned if it is long distance or I can jump up and spend a weekend riding in the mountains a few hours west of here.  My finances are solidly invested but they do not permit a “life of leisure.”   Nor would I want such a life , nor know how to live it.  My brother retired recently and he’s adding new hobbies to his daily lifestyle.  It’s full time work to be “retired.”

The styles of retirement are as diverse as the background and savings of each of us.  I like to take the approach that it is a perfect time for reflection on who you are and what is the plan for the next 10-20 years?  With maturity comes the opportunity to plan and execute life never before.

But if you’re confused or perplexed by a range of choices you may want to check out the services of a professional.  Certified Financial Planners are great for financial planning.  But what of the other quality areas of your life?   “What do you want to be when you grow up,” is the old question with relevance to anyone today who still isn’t sure what their best next step ought to be.  Mine centers around my work as a coach.  I’m still working out the details.  It’s fun and challenging. New time and space ask what is the new purpose. Reinventing yourself ain’t easy but it can be done, usually best with support,


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