My New Direction

From now on my coaching is aimed at Jobs  .  Employment  .  Career  .  and especially for Baby Boomers and Christians or any one who seeks an alignment of their values or Spiritual beliefs with their purpose, or mission in life, i.e., their vocation or career, that is, the work that rewards them the most.

My purpose personally has always been about integrating my values with my work and my mission in an integrated way, from the inside out, so to speak .  That’s my forte and my coaching speciality from now on.  I think we all want moremeaning in our lives in the era of recession that is forcing or begging so many millions of people to adjust and adapt their work to our modern reality.

Boomers lead the way but the younger generation – the cyber generation – is the tail hard wagging the dog.  We need to learn from them as they need to learn from us, technical acumne for  the wisdom of experience and maturity.

Businesses and business, the inside and outside of corporations, global forces on our front lawn, are all being driven more and more by the internet in our cyber reality.  Duh.  Not to keep up is to lose direction, traction, purpose and meaning and lots of our prosperity.  I’ve forgotten my images of retirement.  I invite you to do the same.  Too much to do and too much opportunity for adventure!

“Meet the Buddha,” your bliss, on the path of work, jobs, employment, and career.  Your vocation is always with you.  Discover and embrace it!  Align what you do with who you are!  That spells s.u.c.c.e.s.s!


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