Can Spirituality Define “Progress?”

We humans have a constant drive to match what we do with who we are.  Fulfilling this inner calling to express who we are in what we’re doing defines our ‘next step’ throughout our lives, what we refer to as ‘progress,’  (we may or may not assume a ‘higher nature’ within ourselves that gives us this impetus.)  Usually by our maturity we start to become aware of this pattern.  These steps are the essence of “progress,” both personally and in our culture, even in our civilizations over centuries, what some call evolution.  Opportunities for this growth or ‘progress,’ come to us by circumstance and by choice.  They ask or demand of us a shift, an adaptation, a change in attitude or behavior, either subtly or grossly, happily or meanly, by rebellion or in collaboration.

Whether named or completely undefined, however we may acknowledge this calling in our inner selves, it is our hearts that are speaking to us.  Modern science more and more is proving how powerful this source of energy is within in us.  “Heart’ is not merely a notion of romantics.  [see www.InstituteofNoeticSciences]  Especially acute are our feelings that we notice seem to keep us blocked when we need courage and help to move forward.   This is the heart wanting its empowerment.   It always refers us to our beliefs because our spirituality is made up of our beliefs, those both conscious and unconscious.   They are lived out every day in how we interact with the world.

My coaching works with your heart beliefs to see you engage with them creatively, beneficially, efficiently.  Powerful changes will occur as you learn how to access and dialogue with your heart.    My coaching sees to it that you learn to dialogue with your beliefs and make that conversation a healthy, happy productive one!  This is the essence of reinvention!

My training and experience as a spiritual journeyman enriches my skill to coach or counsel others on this vocational side of ourselves.   It’s what I do.   It’s about you making your heart’s longings active and exhilarating in your jobs, employment, and career, among other slices of life.  I can guarantee it.  It is what all my clients experience.


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