Trayvon is gone! What Else? What’s Next? What Now?

These days, so many people are searching for answers to these questions.  They alarm us!  Coherence seems to have gone out of our lives.  Everybody’s blaming everybody else or acting the victim to somebody else.  Laws meant to protect us are inviting violence (?!?) by the armed (!?) “well-intended.”

Today’s family, work, social, national and global shifts offer us lots of  opportunity.  But included in the good news is a lot of confusion and fear, feeling stuck, worry and uncertainty. We are being asked to shift personally and corporately. Creatures of habit we resist change.  So how can we respond boldly, assuredly to our challenges and make things happen the way we want them to, with clarity of purpose and a fresh new perspective that matches our active strengths to our real problems?

21st century life is inviting us to reinvent ourselves, our vision, our happiness, jobs, and careers. But how!? By putting our wisdom to work in new circumstances by creating new opportunities for ourselves!

Research in modern Positive psychology  tells us we are all driven towards these three things:


AUTONOMY         The Desire To Be Self-Directed      The Urge To Get Better at Stuff

MASTERY              Be Totally Engaged      Own Your Talent and Its Rewards

PURPOSE              Make a Difference        Connect With Something Transcendent


We are made to grow, excel, develop, evolve! How can you live up to this potential in you!?  Getting coached personally.

Contact me to make my coaching your positive way forward.  LifeCoaching is completely practical, and full of your fulfillment.


“Float your stones first. Then walk on them,”   C.F.Benz, BCTS, M.Div, CPC


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