“Who Are Those Guys?”

Remember  the tireless posse chasing Paul Newman and Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?”  Tenacious and great trackers, they never slackened in their pursuit.  And because the posse wouldn’t stop and couldn’t be escaped, Sundance made the famous movie quip, “”Who are those guys?”  Butch and Sundance eventually had to jump off a cliff into a river to elude the posse’s capture.  Good movie drama.

But guess what?  We all have a posse, … or two.  One that may chase us to hassle us, another that rides with us to support us.   They are your Beliefs, all of them, hundreds, maybe thousands acquired over a lifetime.  They exist largely in our subconscious.  They affect all our behavior, from starting the car to buying a house to assessing investments to engaging a stranger to shopping for groceries.  The Good news/Bad news is that some are scary or fearful, some are empowerng, nurturing.   But they are accessible and friendly to work with, if you know how.  Whether they exist in your body, mind or spirit, they are not the boss; you are, the you that can stop and reflect on them for what they are.

The faces and voices of the Belief posse are many.   Tthe negative ones say we can’t get what we want.  Eg.,”You’re not good at this; “you can’t do that,” “you’re not good enough,” are common themes.  Positive ones cheer us on and affirm our talent, skills, competence and confidence.  We can create the ones we want.  They will lead us into our pride, achievements or victories.  Some beliefs obscure who we really are or what want to do.

Some beliefs help, some hinder. Without stopping to focus on the posse it’s hard to distinguish, or untangle them because they commonly live in groups. That’s why they are a posse.  They tend to cluster, either around our dreams and hope or our doubts and fears.  But we can choose wisely and compassionately for ourselves, how best to pursue our goals, care for ourselves, get what we want, and grow as individuals, in other words, acknowledge and affirm who we are and what it is we want.  Doing this can profoundly shift our lives in to new happier and productive ways of living.  Forgive the crude analogy, but it’s like putting a new engine in your car.

So….how to deal with the posse?  First, I’ll share a secret – they can only catch us if we let them.  My work is to help you stop and ‘sup’ with them, i.e., meet with them, engage them, and disarm them.    We can create a space where you can sit down and talk and negotiate with them.  As one pro I know puts it, if we just learn to “manage our brain,” we can replace every belief we don’t want with one that we do want.

The possibilitesi are endless.  Some posse faces or voices of fear or doubt we might embrace and transform; some we should dispose of, some we can reassign tasks to, some we can ask to leave us alone entirely, some we can dismiss never to return.   It’s fun to empower yourself this way!  You are, after all, the director of your movie, the writer of your own screenplay, and its star actor.  Believe it.

This is my coaching practice of the “Belief Closet.”  I can take you into your belief system and ferret out any that bother you, those in the posse chasing you into lack of confidence, fears, doubts, low self esteem, feeling stuck or confused.  You can decide exactly which member of your posse you want to be with, and which ones you want to let go of.   And more importantly, you can replace the old or worn out ones with new and helpful, enabling ones, the ones that suit you like any movie star has in her or his repetoire.  Get support to manage your brain with the Beliefs you choose! Rewrite your script!  Viola!  Live on purpose, your purpose!

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