Q: What is the Purpose? A: Ask Soul

What is the Purpose?   Can we look at purpose from where Coaching lives?

Purpose is anything your soul wants to make happen. (You don’t ‘have’ a soul; you are a soul.)  Purpose is not about changing your oil, no matter how Zen that can be.  That is still maintenance.  Coaching is about re-forming from within, in my opinion, my practice.  That’s just me.

Ralph Waldo (as in Emerson) says, “All reform aims in one particular to let the soul have its way through us. The soul, whose organ man is, if we let it appear through his actions, would make our knees bend.” Emerson defined the soul in a purely active sense, “let it have its way through us,” and “if we let it appear through actions.”

Professional certified coaching, a CPC, begins with “both feet inside these shoes” if you will. Your answers lie within you. This is Purpose as coaching defines it.  Your purpose is to be in gear, in action. Soul wants to move you, and leave you with gratitude, because Purpose is the urge within you that cries, “fulfillment,” as woman or man, in relationship, as parents, as careerists or vocationsists, manager and executive, as people of soul, i.e. aware of their connection to God/Universe or the Tao in any or all of these modes of being.
Your coach works for you for this reason too! Its soul partners with you. A coach’s favorite saying, “Congratulations!”
Coaching holds a mirror of creative active listening up to you. We bring what I call, “deep curiosity” to the client {the soul in question}. Coaching your current life agenda will not only bring you into clarity but your first action steps that will sweep you forward. Soul motivates as well as acts. You redirect your life with a new handle on it!  A coach’s special trained objectivity brings you the the clarity and focus that Purpose needs to get you to your goals.
Academically soul is largely indefineable.*   Nevertheless it operates here through coaching because, being grounded in ‘God,’ the soul by nature responds to, shares energy with that something transcendant about you that transforms base metal into gold, i.e. nice wishes into “I did it!”  Good coaching amazes the client with their own powers, gifts, talents, strengths, purpose.

Viola’!  Coaching is a ride for soul. The ride is about your personal development, self discovery and personal healing, in part or in whole. It’s about seeking a new stage of growth in your life. This is crucially true in times of divorce and marriage, or redirecting career, retirement, parenting, or pivotal personal projects.
The Soul is accessible, and it itself “wishes to have it’s way.” In scientific language, used in another blog post of mine, it is the “Wisdom Gene.”  How we dress soul with our Beliefs is up to our adult choosing. I can take you there as a trained Belief Closet practioner.
Another friend of mine, Ken Wilber, says of the soul, “the observer in you, the Witness in you, transcends the isolated person in you and opens instead .. a clearing through which light shines, not from the world but into it.” {P. 289, “Sex, Ecology, Spirituality”} Again, this is the coaching’s position. This is what we mean by Clarity. Soul’s activity pierces any fog.

One’s purpose and coaching are there for you on any day you come to coaching to fulfill a present compelling “itch” or project, inner or outer, large or small, that is begging you to move forward. Outlived beliefs can be re-dressed.  Note: they are the ones that have you mired or stuck or confused and misdirected.
Viva’ la Soul! Let it Speak! Dress it up! Its purpose is to fire up Purpose, not change oil.

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