Asking, “What is the Purpose?”

Of the three personal stories Steve Jobs shared in his commencement address at Stanford in 2005, I felt focused on the last one in my Purpose coaching.  He said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition.  Somehow they know what it is you are to become.” 

Jobs then is referring to what today millions of Americans are asking: How can I live my life with Purpose when all around me I see Purpose shattering?   Many of our social institutions are failing our former understanding of how life is supposed to be, how it is meant to proceed, what is it’s purpose, humanly speaking.  Our American lifeline used to lie on the path from learning and education to productivity to stability to security to rest and peace.

“Somehow they know…..”   Purpose coaching speaks to more than just intuition and Spirit, the ideas of a voice within and a vocie “without.”  It speaks to soul and Self, the integration of authenticity and skills, passions with responsibilities and community with relationships.

Life Purpose Coaching has this power as a late growth industry itself.  We Certified Professional Coaches (CPCs)are in an emergent profession ourselves, just 40 or so years old.  I am more free now to become myself is how my lifelong searching integrated my authentic skills with my authentic calling.  And you can too!

We are more free than ever to become ourselves.  The thrust of modernity ever since the Enlightenment has been pushing and pulling Western humanity in this direction.  Sometimes we know what we are doing in this search, sometimes are are stumbling or  counter-productive even to our own best intentions.

But CPC coaches are privileged to have training in the tools of an open-ended search.   Life Purpose coaching operates at its core on the “meant to,” and the “supposed to” factors that lie deep within human nature and its propensity to evolve.  To evolve measn to bring along from the past what does work and drop what does not any longer.  It means to transcend the latter while including the former.

I call this the “Wisdom Gene” because it is biologically in our hard-wiring, our genes. But I refer to it also as the Inner Voice because it is also a drive within us to evolve by this process of “transcending but including” our “bests,”  bringing along from the past that which serves us well personally, inter personally and socially/communally what it is we intend for our lives.

This is how purpose coaching integrates the individual. It is a holistic process that speak to the whole person.  It believes and acts on the idea that this potential and possibility is within us all.  It is a privilege to “mobilize” this gift for ourselves that we each carry within ourselves.  What a marvelous thing whenever, wherever one journeyman can support another in their journey on this road!


CF Benz, CPC







Jobs said even death itself is life’s greatest gift to us because it challenges us to not waste time and to expect ourselves and our society to move forward, to progress, to evolve for the betterment of all.  I call this propensity the “Wisdom Gene” in us.   Its undeniability is the “still small voice” within us.  It holds a power like a nuclear pellet to aim us always toward an ultimate values , what is absolutley important to us.  we can say it if we are asekd and we can see it in our everyday choices and activities.  Purpose defines us. It is the immortal or the eternal to which we connect viscerally and profoundly, the supreme quality of a life led courageously day to day, and even past the point of death. Purpose is writ large in our legacy.   It holds the idea that we leave something behind.  Purpose tells how we raised our children and did or did not give them a legacy of hope and self confidence to ‘”be whatever they choose.”  That’s the power that Americans feel so disconnected from today.  My children feel it and it leaves me sad at times.  I fight against that for them continuously.

My coaching operates on the belief that, “within our questions lie our answers,” a key message of the Wisdom Gene.  It is my paraphrase of Jobs wisdom that day in 2005.  Of many ways to hear its wisdom, coaching is I think the best supported way to move into the answers, actions that create positive belief without waiting for others’ rescue or the curse of thinking one has to save oneself all by oneself.  Let the example of Jobs words and life-well-lived-but-too-short move us forward.

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