What Are the “Occupiers” Saying? “Occupy Yourself?”

Begun with its aim at Wall Street’s financial institutions the “Occupiers” movement has proliferated.  It now has adherents in over 90 cities, according to last night’s NBC news.  Former president Bill Clinton observed on Letterman’s show Wednesday night the constant comment of our media, “They need to have a focus, an objective, an agenda.” But whose agenda is that?  More to the point I think, what do I hear?  What do we hear in those hundreds of voices?

What’s my Inner Voice telling me to “occupy?”

There is a voice within us, as there is among the Occupiers, if seen as a body.  They may be unclear as they begin but clarity and focus will come as Purpose emerges.  Lack of purpose will be seen among the movement’s fringe who will drift away sooner then later.  Clarity and resiliency and specific policy or programmatic changes will result as true leaders emerge at various levels to champion their Purpose(s).  Even a new party may form to channel them all.  Who knows now?

The so-called movement, just 30 days old, is amorphous now.  It is morphing.  It is not just circus.  It means something and many things.

You and I are the same as the Occupiers, searching for our authenticity to act on. We have a voice within that speak to us of our goals and objectives, our goals and responsibilities.  The drive to solve our daily problems, meet our challenges, is always a mix of faith and commitment toward a purpose.  Our security, self-sufficiency, self-esteem and self-fulfillment are at stake.  What we see in the Occupiers socially or politically we can see in ourselves, especially in troubled times.  “Purpose” large or small is how we address our urgent stuff, what really matters.  The job must be worked, the car must be maintained, the kids must go to school, my spouse must be cared for and our relationship nurtured, laws must be obeyed by citizens.    We are each of us accountable to Purpose.  Purpose Coaching fills the gap when we lose touch with ours to regain it and act on it.  What’s my Inner Voice telling me about mine now?

Feeling powerless means we have a lack of purpose and a subsequent lack of commitment, a vicious circle.  Every ditch digger and street sweeper knows their purpose.  Their faith is in themselves and their shovel or broom.  Their commitment is so many feet dug or so much floor swept.  Purpose always elicits commitment and depends on focus.  What’s my Inner Voice telling me about my purpose and commitment?

And Purpose’s lack or absence, in a group or the individual, produces a litany of trying,  no traction, excuses, poor results, ennui, and diminishing power or productivity, a sad story of no self-realization, dreams unfulfilled, or authenticity unrealized.

Whether daily or for a lifetime, “Purpose” is what drives us.  Our true purpose is always to be seen in our actions, what we in behavior reveal we are really committed to.  There is no denying.  If I am committed to denial and lack of responsibility to myself I may be an alcoholic.  If I am committed to writing I will write the novel al writers say lies within me.  If I say I am a humanitarian but do not volunteer or support humanitarian causes my purpose is not what I say it is.

Purposelessness gives us the feeling of powerlessness.  Not a good thing. People need to tune into their purpose daily and over a lifetime – in business, family, socially, politically, even globally, and according to their Spirit resources too, I might add, the “still small voice within”.  Helping people tune into their Inner Voice to discover (or recover) their purpose, grab it and live it is what good Life Coaching is about.  Your have within you your motivating purpose.  Your Inner Voice that will talk to you about it.

Discover it.  Grab it.  Live it.  If you need help there are resources such as Purpose Coaching.  Coaching is about your answers, your purpose(s),within you.   Coaching is about action with Purpose.  We help you tune into yours, as sure as we know it is there within you.

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