“Visionary Purpose,” and your Career and Goals

Some may not notice my Shaman status on my site Bio but it’s a core part of my purposeful evolution as a man and servant to Universe/God.  With anyone who believes they are meaningfully or mindfully “plugged into” their Faith and humanity’s development, I share a kinship.  My Life Purpose Coaching is an extension of who I am, in what I ‘do,’  my career, even my future so-called retirement, such as I see it.

For a peek into another’s view of our spiritual and global journey  I share a quote. My friend Linda Star Wolf wrote today,

What is Visionary Shamanism?

“We are in a highly tran­si­tional time on Earth. The accel­er­ated pace of this time of spir­i­tual
evo­lu­tion is forc­ing each of us to awaken the shaman within and reach our
high­est poten­tial as quickly as pos­si­ble. The Visionary Shaman is one who
feels called to down­load and acti­vate the “imag­i­nal cells” of who we are
becom­ing and actu­ally give birth to our future selves in the present. We can
make the nec­es­sary changes in our own lives and for our planet. As we do so,
our energy begins to flow with more grace and we find an inner peace that allows
us to step fully into our sacred pur­pose and Visionary Leadership in
the world.”       Linda Star Wolf

The Faith labels I put on myself are less important than seeing coached people aware of, immersed in and responsive to themselves, their work, their posse, their business, and their community. 

As a counter example, I sadly heard an acquaintance say yesterday he cared nothing about the 2012 presidential election.  “It changes nothing in my life personally,” he said.  I did not debate him.  I just felt lament.  He was lacking the ‘plugged in’ perspective I speak of.  We’ve all heard it.  And we all may share so many daily strains or pressures that that is the way it seems.  But my vote in 2012 is valuable to me because it is one expression of my awareness that ‘We Are All In This Together,” and “No Man Is An Island.”

Not in paradox I see lpurpose coaching as an aligning of values with commitments, an integrating of goals and larger Purpose with skills and passions.  This is a raison d’etre for my purpose-seeking clients and the reason I am in the coaching business as a CPC. The Micro reflects the Macro and vice versa; each energizes the other.  I share this vision with Linda.   Aren’t reaching our best goals a mix of these dimensions, the “Great” and the “Small?”  What is your career about?  Where is your career headed?  Your personal Life? Relationships?

Do you, and if so, how, do you think forward and back, from global to your life space, and from your life space to global these days.  What life changing goals do you want or anticipate over the next 1 or 2 years?  Can I coach you to act out your answers to these formative questions.  Is anyone immune to them that you know?

Blessings, Namaste’



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