Retired = Re-tired (New Tires on your trusty ride)

“Americans earning between $31,200 and $72,500 will need to work till age 72 just to have a 50% chance of retiring.  Those earning more than $72,500 can expect to wrok till age 65 to have 50-50 shot of funding retirement,” MarketWatch reported in June.  Are you checking on your IRA constantly to see what it’s worth?

Senior baby boomer need to learn to shft gears fast! Sell a house, downsize a lifestyle, go entreprenuer, start a business, get a second job now  –  the conditions alreaqdy exist that demand action NOW.

In short REINVENT yourself.  But ‘getting creative,’ or doing what is hard, changing old habits needs support.  Few of us have had to do it before, and fewer of us still know how.

When you’ve lived on American versions of market-based ‘royalist’ denial and illusion for 40 years you don’t have alot of experience shifting gears.  This is what I mean when I say, ‘Re – tire’ now.  Get new rubber on your tires because the trip is not ending soon.    Now the Great Shift in America’s self-image as it looks in reality’s recession Face is making the near-65 age group ask, “Now What,” and “What is going on!?”  You’ve heard these conversations, right?  This is the exact stewpot of discontent that ignited the French Revolution in 1787.

How to TRANSFORM your lifestyle and daily expectations is harder than losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  It can be done but it is gonna take work, support, radical change and effort for the coddled and affluent Boomers who have counted on life’s ‘goodies’ coming to them all their lives.

Consultations with finanical and estate planners is way up.  But who else is supporting the millions and millions of Baby Boomers who face dreaded loss of income in thier IRA and see too many underfunded?  Wash. DC has proved completely ineffective, worse, completely dysfunctional, in addressing these debt and economic and job issues. And it promises to only get worse.  Looking to DC for answers is a mistake in any case.

More than thinking soly about a “defined contibution plan,” now may be the time to talk to a coach about Life Transformation.  I’ve done it.  I can coach you in how you can.


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