Coach or Consult?

As a spiritual counselor and career and non-profit consultant I’m familiar with the tension between consulting and coaching.  Defining this ‘edge’ between our different disciplines or modalities is not easy. In coaching a lot of ‘suggestion’ can be conveyed in the form of ‘question,’ and good questions are our hallmark as Coaches, of course

I resist leading a client but when ideas occur spontaneously in a coaching session I let my impulse to ‘suggest’/’advise’/’consult/’counsel’ germinate so I may choose or find the exact beneficial way or moment, OR NOT, in that session to coach my client via their wisdom.

I want to trust my trained Coaching mind and my own intuition to find creative ways to feedback to the client what occurs in the moment, an idea or answer that I may see and they yet do not. I trust myself as a coach to have this occur naturally.  This way I can use proprietary knowledge I may have w/o consulting.  This is much more empowering to the client, their interests!   ‘Taking longer’ is not anything to be eschewed, despite my inclination to rush to inform/teach/expedite an ‘answer’ that comes from me.  My ego rests on the sideline when I coach my client on their field of play.


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