What’s to Become of the Boomers?

Born between 1946 and 1964?  Then you are a Baby Boomer, or just a ‘Boomer’. The name is familiar to us all as an American generational description as well as a demographic one.  Our parents bore us zealously in big numbers after WWII because they had been detained by the war as young adults by 4-5 years from starting families.  The GI Bill, a huge ramped up manufacturing economy and a million new businesses led to a cultural and ecocomic boom commensurate with our Boomer needs and wants as we grew.

We are the bolus, the mass of 70 million american born in that post war era, the “basketball swallowed by a snake,” or parabola-shaped group of kids that rode out of the early rock ‘n roll era into the Beatles to become the origional ‘me-generation.’   The halycon days of the Fifties made the USA an incubator, and breed they did.  We were the most materially benefitted and then highly educated and socially mobile group in history, the sociologists say.  The leading edge of the Boomers, the eldest, followed TV onto Madison Avenue, went to Detroit for our wheels, fomented Civil rights and anti-War movements, and the ‘Question Authority’ attitude that formed the basis of of what we now call diversity, pluralism and situational (relativist) ethics. Whatever we committed to was transformed by our numbers into large trends in our society. Greater liberty, equality and opportunity for all is our legacy.

Now the eldest Boomers are turning 65, looking into a bleak economy just as they are expecting some form of retirement.  Our innate optimism now matters!  They may or may not have worked a career to bring them the security that enables them to do so.  Middle Boomers in their fifties may be experiencing setbacks instead of their most prodcutive years.    Depending on Boomer’s health they will or won’t be dependent on Medicare/Medicaid over the next 15 years just as reform of these programs is growing more and more urgent on a purely financial basis.  Social Security benefits are expected by the Boomers too but it’s economic viability is shaky as well, and probably not a liveable income for the vast majority of us.

So “Now What?,” becomes a big question posed to the time-tested creativity and productivity of the Boomer’s, known by their sheer mass to form the societal problems to which their solutions must be found.  Call it Globalism, entering the Age of Aquarius, a Evolutionary ‘Shift,’ a ‘market adjustment,’ or a Biblical prophecy, few of we educated and privileged aware folk are unaware that BIG THINGS are happening to us beyond or in spite of our best intentions in the 21st century.     The Big Answers must attend to the needs of all 70 million of us, and our grandchildren,as we hike en mass down the halls of history.

But how do we now transform ourselves personally!?  From the inside out, how prepared are we to deal with anxiety, change, and unforseen circumstances beyond our control?   How adaptable are we?  We’re all in this together.  So like never before it is time to ‘hold hands’, be supportive of each other and seek support from valued professionals.  I believe this may be one reason the independent Life Coaching business is growing – a service to meet a need – for wisdom, valued assistance of the best stewarding of our resources material and individual.  Coaching bottom line is about helping people transform themselves, in part or in whole, a new career, a new partnership, a new outlook, a new plan as we marshall the best from within ourselves. Coaching concurs with the ancient sages, “The answers lie within.”   I’ve transformed myself to become a Life Coach for a ‘working retirement.’  Like all Boomers, we model to those who follow what is possible.   In each adversity lie the seeds of change.  Life Coaching embraces this principle.


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