Job Loss on Venus and Mars

A sudden job loss, like the laying off of 10,000 people from Cisco in the Triangle, NC, just lately, to make up for a $1Billion sales loss over just the previous two annual quarters, is like a baseball bat against a noggin. It hurts and it disrupts the psyche. It leaves us alone, ‘every man for himself.’ Each individual experiences the blow differently, no matter that how many of their fellows took the same ‘knock.’ No matter from which side of our brain we tend to operate as our jobs demand of us, a sudden job loss is like a trauma, a concussion of a different sort. Things can get jumbled rather quickly as security and the feeling of being a productive human begin to wane.

Interestingly, our jobs include both the M and the F as we move through our habitual daily tasks and work-related relationships. The brain configures to activity like our muscles do to exercise. We call it ‘hard-wired’ after we’ve worked a job 10-15-20 years or more. We do things almost automatically on the job and are well paid for that efficiency and team work. Our conscious and sub-conscious beliefs are literally working for us.  Purpose coaching can speak to these elements because they are definitely in our Inner Voice.   My specialty is helping you “tune into” it so it’s knolwedge of you, as it were, can help guide you to a new exciting purpose if your former one has “gone flat,” or been tsken away from you.  I can help your adult children living at home do the same

MEN (symbol Mars) and  WOMEN (symbol Venus) each have the Masculine and the Feminine psychic elements within them, ways of perceving and doing.  Often their distinctive differences are associated with Right brain and Left brain functions with which most of us are familiar.  Masculine initiates, focuses, challenges, moves linearly, pushes, logics, contracts, wants respect.  Feminine includes, opens, feels, is receptive, nurtures, gathers, holds, comprehends, pulls, wants love.

A Purpose coach with his tools and career consulting acumen can make all the difference in a more personal, and balanced (yes,Mars/Venus), overall approach.  Purpose Coaching is all about you finding and maintaining your balance and sound thinking. Job loss can be no less traumatic than a death in the family.  The death of a job can be experienced just like the five stages of grief.  The cycle of denial-anger-bargaining-depression-acceptance can be avoided or mitigated if one gathers one’s wits and acts boldly soon after the ‘blow.’  That is where coaching comes in.

It may be counter-intuitive to spend on oneself when financial loss is at hand but professional support can make all the difference to job loss recovery as soon as possible, and more purposelfully than ever!   Now is the time for creative and balanced decision-making, and a close examination (if admittedly forced) of one’s former assumptions, expectations and priorities about your career or vocation and purpose.

I coach anyone of any age but my specialty is Over-50 life transformation.  It’s because I’ve made my change in career myself, twice in fact, and lately over the age of 6-0.  I hope to be of great service to many other senior Baby Boomers who face ‘transition’ in America in the next few years so that their ‘Wisdom Years,’ as I call them, are secure and fulfilling.                     CF Benz, CPC, M.Div.


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