Do you have your ‘Big Picture’ clear?

Needing to ‘reinvent’ yourself? Job hunting/Career analyzing?  Postponing Retirement?
Try an exercise with me.  Take a ‘Big Picture’ perspective.

Take two deep breaths and imagine the USA as yourself, in 4 functional modes:
Planner, Competence, Passion, Battle.

In a working priority they are:

Planning IS fair governance, thought of as ‘wise rule,’
especially needed under drastic circumstances since ’08.  Keep challenging yourself to compete while
constantly ‘leveling the Playing Field,’ educating and re-educating/reforming
yourself on the principles of fair trade and profit with accountability, i.e.
local-to-global business and related social outlets  are reformed when
“whatever used to work no longer does..”

Competence is per capita GDP, my earning power, the link
between “what am I really selling” and “who/where are my
buyers?” Revising the local-to-global Answers sharpens the 21st century
edge of how to do and adapt your business, not without pain or cost but
intelligently to thrive through change.

Passion adds compassion and fun to focused energy.  Take time out to see our biggest
puzzles/headaches as children/questions begging for something, a shift. Is it
an actualizing change being sought that does no harm?  Parentally as it were, embrace the puzzles unconditionally and
ask if the answers to their begging will really serve the ‘Big Picture.  Then choices can be confident, wise,

Battles – what to fight?
Ad-minister rights and strengths to you, yours, and the local-to-global
community in triumverate, as a Queen/King, an Amazon/Warrior and a Bonding
Lover.  Know your boundaries and negotiate change as welcome, a mutual interest.  Business is politics.
Trade denied as mutual interest, mutual gain, mutual respect, makes Peace mutual (not force or umbrage making demands.)  My intent is to battle Exclusivism or Exceptionalism.


Evolution in the 21st century requires acknowledgment of 21st century realities and actions accordingly.   What do you believe is your 21st century ‘Big Picture’ that best serves you?


CF Benz, M.Div, CPC.


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